CTR Geeks Course

The CTR Geeks Course is a must-have if you are looking to become a CTR ninja that can dominate your SERP’s.

If you are wondering “is it really a good idea to manipulate CTR?” then check out our CTR SEO guide.

The problem in July 2024 is the majority of search engine optimisation specialists understand behavioural signals are a huge ranking factor – but they are unaware of how do you manipulate CTR?

In our CTR Geeks Course guide, we explain who are the owners behind the course, what click-through rate manipulation strategies are included and whether the course will give you the know-how to manipulate the google search results.

Who Created The CTR Geeks Course?

The creators of the CTR GEEKS COURSE are Mike Merlino and Brent Bowser.

Mike Merlino and Brent Bowser - CTR GEEKS COURSE

If you have not seen these CTR ninjas then where have you been hiding in July 2024?

Mike Merlino has been recently voted the Best CTR Manipulation Specialist for ranking GMBs and manipulating Youtube SEO.

Mike is known as a “CTR Manipulation Ninja” and his techniques have helped many businesses achieve #1 rankings for their desired keywords. Mike Merlino’s mission is to help people succeed and take action, and he does this by providing effective online marketing solutions that drive results.

Brent Bowser is a CTR GEEK who helps small businesses move up the search engine results pages (SERPs). Brent uses Google Analytics and Google Search Console to develop CTR manipulation road maps that give any business an edge. The value he brings is his ability to take complex data and make it understandable for business owners who want to improve their website’s performance without having to learn how to understand their analytics software.

Both creators bring constant value throughout the click-through rate course and compliment each other nicely on knowledge and information.

Why Do I Need The CTR Geeks Course?

All average SEO’s known technical SEO, content optimisation and building backlinks are significant Google ranking factors.

But advanced SEO gurus understand the algorithm is a User Behavioural Search Engine and if you know the math the algorithm needs you can win in the SERP’s.

Many high-level marketers are claiming Click-through rate (CTR) is the biggest ranking factor in 2024

You need to remember search engines are trying to return the best results for the visitors so they have a great user experience in using their search engine and will return again to use.

Google is a user experience company and it comes as no surprise to hear about CTR manipulation is an SEO strategy.

But what quantity of traffic do you send?

Where do you send the traffic?

How do you manipulate the behavioural signals?

This is where the specialist CTR Geeks Course teaches you everything you need to know on engagement signals.

TOP Reasons to buy CTR Geeks Course

Here are many reasons why to purchase The CTR Geeks Course:

  • Learn how to Stretch the proximity of Google Business Profile (GBP)
  • Learn how to improve your Brand authority
  • Learn how to get great results with organic CTR for your website
  • Learn how to drive traffic from the right sources
  • Learn how much traffic to send with CTR calculations
  • Learn how long you run a CTR manipulation campaign
  • Learn if CTR works outside the USA or UK search engines
  • Learn what Keywords to use for the best results with CTR
  • Learn what type of traffic should I use e.g. “Mobile or desktop”
  • Learn where to send traffic for the best results
  • Learn how not to lose results when you stop the CTR campaign with CTR dropoff
  • Learn the GBP insights data to use to your advantage
  • Learn CTR tools like Viper, CTR Booster and whether SERP Empire or SERPclix work
  • Learn all the latest very well-kept secrets

How Much Is The CTR Geeks Course?

The CTR Geeks Course costs $1199.

Here is the instant access payment page where you can purchase the CTR Geeks Course for only $1199 (all prices in USD).

Disclaimer: I have zero involvement in this company and receive zero in terms of affiliate commission. Several members of my team have completed the online course and the only reason you can fail to make a return on investment from buying this course is if you lack taking action.

What Is In The CTR Geeks Course?

Imagine if you had the endless engagement needed to improve your Website and GBP to the top of your google search results!

The CTR Geeks Course will not only give the knowledge to serve Google what it wants in engagement, it highlights all the latest tricks and tips on best practices to do this.

The CTR Geeks Course modules include:

  • Week 1 –  Basic understanding of CTR – Why we manipulate click-through rates.
  • Week 2 – Branded Traffic – Becoming your niche top Entity/Brand
  • Week 3 – Where to send Traffic & Why?
  • Week 4 – How to Manipulate CTR (tools)
  • Week 5 – GMB Rank Boosting with CTR Manipulation
  • Week 6 – Organic Rank Boosting with CTR Manipulation
  • Week 7 – Tricks, Hacks and Strategies
  • Week 8 – Overflow/Recap Week

The CTR Geeks Course will show you why CTR Manipulation hasn’t worked for you before you took this course!


When you understand Click-through rate (CTR) as a technique to get better rankings, you really need guidance and help on HOW to carefully craft the manipulation.

If you shoot blindly in trying to learn engagement you will 100% penalise your properties and fake traffic is one of the most used negative SEO attacks.

There are many GMB tools to assist your SEO efforts and if you do not want to outsource the work here are some places you might be interested in:

Understand behavioural signals by listening to the experts like Mike Merlino and Brent Bowser.

It’s important to understand what CTR manipulation is and how web properties ranking can be improved with a little help from CTR manipulation.

The CTR Geeks Course educates you on how to manipulate CTR and gives you all the answers to optimising your properties with the engagement it deserves.