Professional editors bring a lot to the table when improving content.

Can Grammarly Pro replace the need for any editors in your business? Absolutely not.

However, Grammarly can be used by your copywriters on a regular basis to proofread as they write articles saving the editors time.

Whether your English grammar and English writing skills are brilliant you will be surprised how typos and errors can creep into anyone’s writing.

So what is Grammarly? Is it worth it to upgrade to Grammarly Premium? And can it really help SEOs to rank higher in Google?

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a writing tool that allows you to search for different kinds of errors. It detects errors in grammar and punctuation. It also offers suggestions and guidance on how to correct such errors in real-time. It’s also a powerful spell check tool that keeps your writing error-free.

Here are some great articles on what Grammarly does:

Grammarly Free Vs Grammarly Premium

Many ask whether Grammarly Premium worth it?

The simple answer is yes because it has a great plagiarism checker and also can find more errors than the free account.

Check out this Grammarly Review video and see where the free version only picked up 16 mistakes whereas the Premium picked up 96 errors.

If content writing if your profession or you understand the importance of well-written content on your websites then Grammarly Premium is a must.


Grammarly Pro is certainly my best proofreading software.


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