Can I Interview You To Share on My Podcast and Social Media?

Recently I have been asked a dozen times can I get you on my podcast or can I interview you?

Simple Answer – “Get Fucked”

Now whoever has asked me this question and I am sharing this link to them, do not take this personally.

You probably are a legend and in masterminds would happily share my pain points and successes.

Don’t like sharing knowledge bombs to folk sat in their underwear at home who don’t network and collaborate with the community.

If they want to hear the real innovative nukes that are working they can go have a wash, get dressed and synergise in Masterminds.

This is the way all others are keeping ahead of the game.

Why Will I Never Speak Publicly?

The online community is absolutely out of this world and I have many close friends I class as a family.

But for me, offering help to others is give and take – both ways!!

I will never speak publicly because I don’t have a personal brand I need to promote to sell courses etc.

Do Others Annoy Me Who Publicly Speak?

Certainly not and this is a great way for many friends to earn good money promoting their brands.

Every person finds their own path and follows their career route which I am happy with so if that includes sharing ideas online or publicly speaking then if that works for their line of work then awesome.

Where Are the Real Knowledge Bombs Shared?

Trust me if you are listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos or reading blogs to gain knowledge, this is less than the 70% you need to rank harder terms.

Every single speaker is holding back their true knowledge bombs and they give you a small piece to the pie.

The real knowledge bombs are shared in masterminds and meeting these people face to face.

“You scratch my back and I will scratch yours”

If your networking and help others then these people will do the exact same for you.

Best SEO Speakers History

In the past few years, some of the best public SEO speakers have been Craig Campbell and Charles Floate.

Yet for these knowledge bombs shared publicly, although they get new-found fame for doing this, comes the haters.

So in an industry full of smokes and mirrors then the best SEO speakers actually get grief to the degree it is simply not worth the hassle.

When I say grief I mean literally death threats, emails about their family, punch ups at SEO conferences and much more to be worth the fame gained.


Fair play to the guys out there which publicly speak and try to share knowledge with the wider community.

But most are doing this to promote their next big online course at a special discount of $1997 reduced today to $697 for a limited time (only 3 spaces left to lock in this amazing deal which ends at midnight tonight lolz).

Or the others who are providing 70% of the information needed to carry it out to its full potential.

Invite me to any Mastermind and il be happy to contribute but nothing recorded or knowledge shared.

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