Entering Entrepreneurship – The Digital Workshop

Entering Entrepreneurship The Digital Workshop

Many youngsters get asked what they want to be when they are older.

Nowadays there has been a huge rise in students saying ‘I want to be an entrepreneur’.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the act of setting up your own company and taking on financial risks in the hope to make a profit.

With online marketing thriving, there has never been a better time to become an online entrepreneur.

There are so many business opportunities which are encouraging students to enter entrepreneurship.

How Can The Digital Workshop Help Entering Entrepreneurship?

The Digital Workshop is designed to help youngsters understand online marketing and take this trade into the business.

The internet is a huge shopping platform nowadays so competing with the high street brands has become a level playing field.

The Digital Workshop will explain the basics of SEO, methods between paid advertising vs organic and various methods to make a profit.

What is The Digital Workshop?

The Digital Workshop is a new opportunity for people of all ages to start their digital career.

We will be interviewing a number of people in the UK to see if they fit in with our work and giving them a chance to show off their skills and become involved.

If you pass the interview stage you’ll be invited to come to The Digital Workshop as part of a trial. If you do well and would like to continue, we would be happy to give you a full-time job.

This is not all that is available at the workshop. In some cases, we may find that you suit another digital marketer better, or we could offer freelance work.

The whole idea of The Digital Workshop is to get people involved in digital marketing and making money online. We can help teach you about the online sector and start out your digital career.

Why was it Set Up?

We decided to set up The Digital Workshop to help people get involved in the digital marketing industry.

Having new people joining us at the office will also introduce us to new ideas. If we are impressed with your ideas, we would certainly be looking at giving you a full-time job.

Take a look at our video of staff who have developed and been trained up from apprentices within the company:

We think that setting up the workshop will help our own company to grow and progress along with your careers.

The Digital Workshop Benefits

Students unsure which road to take from education can come in and receive advice in a real working environment.

The benefits of attending The Digital Workshop is:-

  • Receive in the workplace experience
  • Get references for a CV if they last the duration and bring value
  • Opportunity to be employed if impressed by PromoSEO
  • Employment opportunities with all digital agencies that work with PromoSEO in the UK
  • Freelance Work available if decide to travel and are interested in the digital nomad lifestyle
  • Joint Venture Partnership on ideas (like a digital dragons den where all risk with investments are made by the digital workshop team)

SEO Crash Course

The training provided is an SEO crash course which prepares young people for a job in the digital world. This course is worth £1497 for anyone paying to attend, however, we are offering it for free to help school and college leavers get a head start in the industry.

Will I Get Paid for Attending the Digital Workshop?

You will not be paid for attending the workshop, but the course you complete is worth £1497. You will receive the course and material for free, giving you key knowledge into SEO and digital marketing.

Future Job Roles

When you take part in The Digital Workshop you will see that there is a range of opportunities available. Our team are looking for someone who stands out and impresses us to become part of the team.

There are many different roles available in our team if you manage to stand out against the other applicants. Just a few of the roles you could take include: content writing, videographer, photographer, developer/coder or even social media marketing.

Content Writing

If you are interested in writing, blogging and journalism, you could join our content writing team. We have fantastic job opportunities in our content department for various niches to make the job different every day. If you think that you have great English and writing skills, this might just be the perfect role for you!

Will I Get Paid for Attending the Digital Workshop?


We are currently looking to set up a department dedicated to professional videos and photos of our jobs. If you are creative and you are looking to head up your own department within a business, this is certainly something you will want to get involved in.

You will be able to make use of some of the best equipment and software to create the very best production videos and photos. This is great for anyone looking for a career in photography and videography.


If you are an independent worker and enjoy being proactive and learning new things, you might want to get involved in the development side of SEO and become an expert in coding. If this is something you are interested in you will need to be a hardworking individual that has great concentration skills.

Coding can be challenging but very rewarding once you know how to build out sites and fix problems.

Social Media

In the present day, everyone is on social media. So why not make a career out of it? If you love social media and you would like to get involved in Social Media Marketing, then make sure to apply for our Digital Workshop today.

You will be introduced to a range of technologies, software and tools that will improve your skills and help you develop as a social media marketer.

If you find after your trial that you don’t fit in with any of our in-house job roles, there are other options available to you. Our team could help you set up freelance work or get you in touch with the right company for you!

Our Digital Workshop is a great opportunity for all of the younger generation and you could build a great career from this!

How Long does The Digital Workshop Last?

How long the workshop lasts for can vary depending on the individual. We generally look to have a weeks trial so the individual has enough time to see if this is right for him/her.

If the workshop is not right for you, we can introduce you to other alternatives once your time at the workshop ends.

If you do well on the trial and you enjoy it, this could become a more permanent thing. We would be happy to employ anyone who offers good ideas and works well with the team!

But in contrary, if this is just a work experience placement to improve knowledge and help you further your career this is also perfectly fine because we want to try and offer people the best chances to better themselves in their careers.

Learning By Osmosis

Another great advantage of our Digital Workshop is all participants are able to learn by osmosis.

So, what is Learning by Osmosis? This is basically when a person is within an environment and can sub-consciously listen to other conversations to learn more.

The great thing about being in a working environment that you are interested in is that you can absorb useful information unconsciously. This means that you can be getting on with other work whilst learning new things.

Similar to being at school; if you are sat with the smarter students you will generally learn more by subconsciously listening to what they are saying. This is similar to a working environment as you will subconsciously hear videos about certain topics and conversations between colleagues.  You will then create a natural ability to mirror cognitive skills.

Learning by osmosis – or unconscious assimilation – is a great way to learn as you can find out new things whilst getting on with your work. This can be found in a number of work environments and if you would like to get involved in digital marketing, our digital workshop is the perfect place to practice this type of learning.

Is The Digital Workshop Restricted to Age and Location?

We are happy for people of all ages to apply to The Digital Workshop. We are simply looking for someone who has an interest in the digital sector.

The Digital Workshop is currently only available in Wilmslow, Cheshire. If you live nearby the area and would like to get involved, feel free to leave comments under this blog.

Is This Right For You?

If you are young, ambitious and understand how important digital has become then this is definitely right for you.

Are you are unsure what road to take and need some advice on your career then this is also a great opportunity for yourself.

If you are retiring and what a new hobby blogging this is a great workshop for you.

If you are wanting a quick wage and not looking to progress your career or willing to forward think then it is not right for you.

After you have completed the trial period and you don’t think this is right for you, our team can help you with your next steps. We have a number of connections that we can set you up with along with freelance work and other opportunities.

The Digital Workshop – Interview Process

If you have applied and been accepted, our team will get in touch with you with regards to the interview process.

The interview will be a chance for you to show off your individual skills and let us know why we should pick you.

Our Digital Workshop is a great way to be in a real-life working environment and learn on the job. If you pass the interview process you will be presented with a range of opportunities that could really help you.

Who can Join The Digital Workshop?

Applications need to be made by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article with your email and why you believe you should be allowed access.

The Digital Workshop is invite-only and we vet all applications.

Due to the high levels of applications, we will only respond to successful candidates.

We are generally looking for the younger generation starting out in their careers but can accept applications of all ages.

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  • Lauren Davies says:

    I am super excited to hopefully have the chance to attend your digital workshop. I have said previously I would work in your company free of charge for 3 months because I know the value will be immense.

    I have followed your blog “fatrank” for years. There’s a lot of bullshit shared on the Internet. But you test and bring value. Where others just try selling the tools they own.

    I want to progress my career in PPC and search engine optimisation. I am ambitious and completely believe your model of networking being key to being successful.

    Please pleassseee accept me as an applicant. Let me know the next steps to apply as I believe completing a comment here is the first step.

  • Amy Doran says:

    When people ask me what I want to do when I leave college, until now I haven’t been 100% sure. Your blog ‘Fatrank’ has inspired me and opened my eyes to a whole new world of digital marketing.
    I am 18 and have just finished my studies at college including media, business and film studies, which I believe will help me to continue to develop my skills in digital marketing.
    The digital workshop looks like an amazing programme that I would love to be a part of, and will give me a range of opportunities to learn. I believe that content writing and social media would be my strongest areas as I have had previous experience writing scripts and essays about the different types of media. Obviously at my age I am involved in most social media sites which I have followed for many years. I have watched the world of social media evolve so quickly over the past few years and I can see it has become such a powerful marketing tool, more now than ever.
    I am committed and hard-working with a strong competitive nature and desire to succeed. I have a strong ambition to learn and gain more knowledge of the working world and the digital workshop is somewhere that I can continue to grow.
    I can see that PromoSEO is a fast moving and vibrant place to work. I feel I have the skills and personality to help build new areas of online marketing, and would look forward to being an active part of your successful team.

    • Hi Amy. Great comment and glad you can see the opportunities in this ever-evolving digital world. My team would like to invite you to attend the digital workshop and will contact you on the gmail you have provided. At the digital workshop we will see whether you are a good fit into our team for full time employment. If for whatever reason you are not then we will still try our best to look at placing you somewhere that is a great fit for you to progress your career. Will see what dates suit you best and arrange to get you in. Thanks again for applying to be part of this initiative.

  • Chris Darwen says:

    I want in. I definitely want in. I lead a group of football media disruptors who are trying to change the way football is written about and create a world where we don’t have to rely on the tabloid gutter press. We want to rewrite the rules. As their leader I need to keep learning all the time and this looks as though its going to cover much that I am currently trying to take on board. Help me make my team even more awesome!

    • Hi Chris. I like the sound of this and happy to help you for sure. As this is something im sure we will like to help on. I will private message you some dates and details on the invite only digital workshops we will run. I have you on linkedin so will message you on there. Can you let me know whether linkedin is fine?

  • For any young person who wants a career in the digital sector, this is an amazing opportunity, I so wish something like this had been around when I was younger! 🙂

    The setup in Wilmslow is fantastic both in terms of the office layout (including an amazing rooftop work space!) and the friendliness of the staff plus you’re right in the middle of of this buzzing area!

    Think long and hard and if you feel that it is something you want to pursue then definitely apply, the opportunities are endless and you will learn so much from these guys!

    I am not affiliated in any way, I just feel this is something not to be missed if you’re serious about working within digital…


    • Thanks for the kind words Andy. You came in to meet other SEO Experts and was a pleasure for you to come and treat as a coworking office space. The next mastermind we will look to send you an invite but remember this is all about 1+1=3. If you are getting lots of great knowledge bombs then offer something in return for this. Tell them for their help / assistance which would cost a fortune if paying consultancy you will do something in return to repay them like offer content writing, coding, social shares or anything you specialise in. This is all about everyone helping each other out to grow. Here is our previous mastermind I organised:


  • Ted says:

    This is weird, I was just thinking to myself yesterday I would love an opportunity like this and now I’ve stumbled across this post!

    I’m mid 20s, going into third year of a Digital Marketing degree in September. Yeah, I know now I don’t need a degree in this field but I was confused at what to do a few years ago and had to do something lol! Plus it gives me the security that if I ever need a career, I can always become a teacher or something like that.

    Anyways, my Digital Marketing degree is mainly based around Marketing as opposed to Digital (more SWOT analysis than SEO). I’ve spent a lot of my own time trying to teach myself SEO stuff over the past year or so – I have a few trashy sites that make a couple hundred bucks a month, but that’s about as far as I’ve got and I can’t work out the next steps to take. Whilst I’ve learned a lot, there are probably massive gaps in my knowledge because I’ve done 0 networking whatsoever and I’ve never worked in an SEO environment.

    I’ve started to realise that last month or so that I would be far better off trying to learn off of others as opposed to trying to do everything myself.

    Out of the qualities you listed, I’m definitely not a programmer. I’d say content writing would likely fit me best.

    I have a pretty busy schedule the next two months.

    Now til 31st July – Eastern Europe
    31 July til 17th August – Devon, UK
    17th August til 21st September – Thailand
    21st September onwards – Back at University (Derby).

    I actually am nowhere near Cheshire as you can see, but I think this is too good of an opportunity not to try and seize. I’d get an Airbnb near to Wilmslow and fly back from Europe ASAP if this is possible before I go to Thailand. If not, hopefully we could organise something when I’m back from Thailand in September.

    Thanks for your time.



    • Hi Ted. Your comment stood out from hundreds I have had through on entering this workshop. How did you come across this article? And if we was to get you in on this workshop (which we might be able to allow you doing remotely) then would you be keen to do a video testimonial if we was to provide you more knowledge bombs within the week on how to utilise the online marketing skills into being paid good money. The university are pretty basic and do not properly educate you on how to use your skills into earning hard fast cash. And this is what I would love to prove with someone who is currently attending university?

      • Ted says:

        I stumbled across the ‘life lessons’ post a while ago I think, probably got there from a Facebook group originally. I liked the part about Stoicism so added the website to my list of SEO blogs to check out!

        Yes mate, I’d be okay with doing that. I agree with you that universities don’t teach you how to make a living; sort of feels like an extension of school, where you learn things that you’ll likely never use again.

        I’d be keen on doing it remotely or in house bud, whatever suits you best. Let me know!



  • This blog post is absolutely superb. Before this I was fairly sure that university was the right path for me, then after taking some time to read through the article and understand what the Digital Workshop offers, my view of my future path completely changed. I think my favourite part of this is how I have the chance to learn in a more hands on method compared to just reading from a book. In addition, I really feel that the Digital Workshop will allow me to learn more about the company and from that, have a stronger understanding of whether or not this is the right career path for me (which it seems to be).
    With PromoSEO being one of the front runners in the SEO industry, I personally feel like the Digital Workshop is a brilliant chance for anyone who is aspiring to take part in the industry to learn from one of the best companies. With access to such a wide amount of tools and businesses, I feel like people who take this workshop can fully engage with it compared to a more linear option (like university). It really is awesome to see how things like this are offered and I don’t dare risk losing this chance to get my foot into the door. As the article said, a “great advantage of our Digital Workshop is all participants are able to learn by osmosis.”, which I believe will benefit anyone regardless of who they are and what knowledge they already possess.
    Again, overall a really informative piece and I can definitely see loads of people wanting to take part in such a brilliant opportunity (one of them being myself!).

    • Thanks a lot Ben. You have been a dream student entering this workshop with lots of ambition and drive. You will go very far in this industry and would like to thank you for the kind words on our setup. I truly want to get as many people in the niche because is a huge shortage of workers compared to the demand required. It is enjoyable being able to give something back and watch our students who come through blossom into successful online entrepreneurs.

  • This blog post has really helped me, the way it has been written makes me understand more about the industry. I have recently finished a two year Graphic Design & Photography course at Macclesfield College, as a young person it is sometimes hard to get opportunities due to less experience. I hope to be given a chance in a digital workshop, as I believe I have good skills which I can build on to boost my career. I have some work experience in digital marketing, working for my family business photographing products, running social pages and other general work. I can drive so the placement in wilmslow would be perfect as I live near there. I believe I would be a good person for this as I am very hard working person, who would be fully committed to the role. I am a creative person who would offer good ideas to help a company grow. I think digital marketing is the right career for me as in today’s world digital marketing is so important. I hope to be given a chance as I believe I am a good candidate with my work experience and the skills I have picked up during my studies. I think this is a great chance for young people to show what they can do, I hope I can be one of them people and show you what I can do.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Many Thanks

    Jorge Barna

    • This digital workshop is the same as our one SEO Crash Course which is priced at $1497. We are not charging potential candidates who we are looking to employ at the end of the weeks trial. But on the flipside this is not paid work for you to do this one week seo crash course. The initiative allows us to interview new staff for a week in the workplace and gives local talent a free crash course into digital marketing. Let me know if still interested and I will look to book yourself in.

  • Digital Marketing and the whole digital world in general is where I feel the world is moving and within the next 3 years I am certain that the digital industry will be taking over. From marketing and sales, checking online news and the weather to also personal use of keeping in contact with friends and family via platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat. Since the evolution of social media and online shopping we have seen a huge rise of how much people rely on the online digital world and this is definetley something i want to be a part of whilst its at its prime. The amount of young people who are making a career and huge amounts of money because of the online digital world is astonishing and is growing by the second! This can range from YouTube vloggers, online gamers, digital marketing specialists and also web developers. The list could go on and on and I am certain this is the industry for me and I am adamant it is the sector in which I will excel in due to my extremely hard work ethic and endless passion for business and marketing combined with the online/digital world. Having studied Business, I.T and Media from GCSE all the way through to A levels I was always intent on starting a career in digital media from a young age as i saw the potential in the industry and how much it is growing day by day and I can now say I am thrilled that I made that choice because I know this is the career from me. My passion and love for the online world grows every single day and never fails to fascinate me! Just to sit back and think that with a pair of hands and a laptop you can create such a huge change whether it be from creating a website, to a blog or even seling things online! The online digital industry truly is phenomenal and I just can’t wait to get started on this brand new journey I know I am bound to thrive in!

  • Ryan Nixon says:

    I know that Digital Marketing as a sector is one of the most broad and expansive sectors to try and enter and so when entering you need the best platform by which to give you insight into the industry. Therefore I know that The Digital Workshop given the amount of credence it’s name carries with it’s people is exactly where I want to be. Creatively as people we need to know the parameters with which we can work and so from reading the article and general interpretation The Workshop is the perfect base I can use to deploy myself into a career in Digital Marketing. The poise and sharpness of the articles dialogue tells me all I need to know about the ideology it carries. After achieving my A Levels in English Language, Film and Media Studies I realised that Digital Marketing as a sector was where I wanted to plant my seed to try and soak up as much subject specific knowledge as possible to gain the correct perspective on the industry. The most unique aspect of the Workshop is the feet-on-the-ground hands on approach it takes as oppose to a university course per say and being put in an environment with people with experience to help grasp the concepts that this phenomenon deals with.

  • Josh Stark says:

    This blog has given me a much better grasp of the workshop and roles. The most appealing part of these roles is the atmosphere that you have created. The way people act around each other is more like they’re friends rather than work colleges. I think that this is a very interesting approach to working and I think it would work well because it is achieving this as an environment where people are able to behave like people, which means that they’re embracing their social nature and channelling it to work better and more efficient. Also allowing each person to decide their roles is very interesting as allowing people choose their role means that they’re a lot more likely to work better because they have decided their role giving them more freedom therefore creating a better working environment.

    To summarise, the method of teaching you have allows your workers to not only enjoy their role a lot more but they will learn from each other and find the best ways to work and do certain tasks

  • I wish this course and information had been available when I had left university 10 years ago and I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in. What a fatalistic blog!! I remember always wondering if certain courses/jobs were right for me but as you quote “If you are young, ambitious and understand how important digital has become then this is definitely right for you.” And more importantly the opportunities are endless 🙂

    • The point is now it is easier because online allows you to train yourself. This workshop is to open the eyes of the younger generation and hopefully if they join our team make them into successful entrepreneurs later in life.

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