Inbound Lead Generation Agency

It’s easy to feel stranded in a sea of businesses, yet inbound leads can help you create a brand message and find potential customers.

A data-driven and actionable approach from leading inbound generation agencies can assist you in connecting with potential customers that find you.

Content moves fast in this digital age, and that’s why it is important to keep your finger on the pulse – this can be done via podcasts, social media or content on your website, it’s best to target a tailored approach for your business or service.

By actively adding valuable and aligned content for your brand, you will be able to find new customers.

What is Inbound Lead Generation?

Inbound leads are from potential customers that discover you themselves, this could be via your content, website or directly. They’re often valuable leads due to them already being “warm” as they have shown interest in your services.

Inbound lead generation is a way to attract organic customers to find your content or details about your brand without you going to them. It’s a great way to use leads as they’re often already warm leads and you also get to boost brand awareness.

To be able to attain quality inbound leads there’s a number of strategies that you will want to apply, including brand messaging, adding value and walking prospects through a journey of actions before they become a hot lead, likely to purchase your product or service.

There are multiple ways to gain and improve inbound leads including social media, web content and video content.

Ways to Gain Inbound Leads

In the digital realm, there’s never been more ways to provide value to your potential customers and help them understand your brand.

Using inbound leads via Social Media, SEO, Podcasts and more is a great way to connect with prospects and also gain leads.

A Blog

Blogging is a great way to attract inbound leads. When a potential customer finds your brand or website, you could offer valuable insights.

The best way to build a lasting relationship with a future customer is to answer a query they have or provide helpful information.

Another advantage of blogging is that the customer gets to gain more knowledge about your brand outside of sales copy purely detailing what you are selling, instead you can express other aspects of your business.

What’s more, this also helps you find the perfect customer. You’re more likely to find a customer or client that will be pleased with your service.

Social Media

Social Media has given all businesses the best opportunity to stay connected with their audience, use social media campaigns and strategies to show people what you’re all about.

This could be unique details on the business or providing some useful details that specifically target the type of customer that’d be interested in your product or service.


Podcasting is a great option for long-form media, allowing an audience to get to know you or somebody connected to your brand. You could visit a podcast as a guest or run your own to provide value to customers.

If you gain regular listeners then that alone is a qualified lead – as they’re invested in your message.

Video Content

Offer valuable content via video form to help customers understand your products. This could deliver more information on a service or product you offer or answer a query that potential customers could have within your niche or industry.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is great with customers, because once they subscribe you services, them updated on what your business is doing, any sales, new services and more.

Using email marketing for inbound leads isn’t as simple as it sounds though, you will need to strategise this approach and remain patient as you offer value to your readers.


A survey is a way to interact and gain valuable information for your business, this is another way to get inbound lead data.

You can interact with your audience and gain insight into their behaviour and needs – this will allow you to improve your product and service while also gaining inbound leads.

Live Chat

Having a live chat on your website is more important than ever, a customer visiting your site can get the information they want instantly and this is likely to be a high stakes situation, where they will either leave your site on a bad experience or continue shopping.

eBook or Guide

An eBook or guide is part of an inbound lead strategy, gifting prospects with useful information for free, strengthening their connection with your brand.

If you were a running brand then you may send out the ultimate running guide or allow them to submit their e-mail in exchange for the free ebook, this is inbound lead generation and that person then becomes a lead.

What Does an Inbound Lead Generation Agency Do?

An inbound lead generation agency specialise in attracting potential customers with strategies that target your audience. This is done by adding value and brand messaging to your content, as well as offering other leverage.

Imagine transforming your online presence, magnetising leads and accelerating business growth. An inbound lead generation agency boasts the prowess to realise this vision.

An interested party discovers your brand online, feels compelled to interact, clicking an image, button, or another call-to-action element. This interaction then transports them to your website, inviting them to partake further via a simple information form. Once completed, the dance concludes, leaving your sales team with a new qualified lead, eagerly waiting to be wooed.

Inbound leads are valuable as they are already engaged and have shown interest in your brand.

Doing It Wrong

It’s great to pinpoint inbound leads and how to add content on one of the potential inbound strategies but many businesses do this in the wrong way.

By approaching inbound leads incorrectly, you can start harming your brand or dip your toes into the wrong waters. Essentially, you need to be clear in your message, add value to the correct demographic and be sure that you’re spending time and effort on those that could become customers.

Here are some of the common mistakes when chasing inbound leads:

  • Focussing on the wrong areas or channels to attract leads
  • Conveying an inconsistent brand message
  • Not going after the correct market
  • Targeting those unlikely to ever become a customer
  • No action – you need follow ups or calls to action now

Doing all or any of the above is a fast-track ticket to going bankrupt, you can easily waste time and money once you start going down the wrong road without prior knowledge or expertise.

Why You Need Help

We encourage you to educate yourself on inbound leads and marketing in general but the truth is, you can’t beat a team of experts.

Our marketing strategies have been trialled and tested, we alter and tailor them to fit the industry and your brand but we already know the formula.

We sit with your team to discuss your brand and potential leads, we already have a team of experts, this includes videographers, professional writers, SEO experts and more.

Having platforms and teams already set up makes this process fast and simple – effectively saving you years of building your brand.

What’s the Difference Between Inbound Leads & Outbound Leads

Inbound leads differ to outbound leads, with customers coming to you or organically finding your brand. You then prospect these leads by working through the various inbound lead generation channels such as Social Media or Blog Content.

Whereas outbound leads are leads that you actively seek out and find through campaigns.

Inbound leads are great because the customer has already heard of your business or has organically found you, but there’s still work to do. Outbound leads are a faster process from start to finish, more direct and highly targeted.

Both types of leads come with their benefits, and the biggest businesses do both – but it’s important to understand the difference between inbound and outbound as they require different strategies.

Benefits of Inbound Lead Generation

There are lots of benefits to working on inbound leads and that’s what makes it effective. Not only could you gain prospective clients and qualified leads but you will improve brand awareness, increase website traffic and gain customer engagement in the process.

Improved Brand Awareness

The aim of inbound lead generation is to engage with customers and offer valuable content – you do this through your brand messaging. It could be stories of your brand, what you’re about or simply helping someone in the market who’s looking for help or valuable content.

By chasing these leads you will simultaneously be making more people aware of your brand. Although they may not necessarily convert instantly, this could start a long-term connection that reaps rewards in future.

Cost Efficient

Inbound leads cost less than outbound leads and could add value to all of your channels such as social media and the company’s website.

It costs less and once you start strategising your inbound lead generation, you’ll then be able to do some of the work in-house.

Customer Engagement

There’s not many disadvantages to adding valuable content to your brand – at very least you will be getting customer engagement. In this day and age offering access to your brand is important, customers like to engage through websites, social media, podcasts and more.

Increased Traffic

By engaging with customers, you will be gaining more traffic to your website. Getting more people on your website is an achievement alone and with more eyes on your content, you have an increased opportunity to convert your audience into customers.

Get Qualified Leads

Inbound lead generation provides you with higher quality leads, giving you warm leads that are more likely to turn into long-term relationships with customers or clients.

Inbound leads come to you, meaning they’re warm from the start, these leads can be further qualified or nurtured through specific strategies through your content over time.


How Do You Find Inbound Leads?

Inbound leads come to you but there are way to generate them, especially with the help of a lead generation agency. By adding relevant and valuable content that aligns with your brand you can interact with your audience.

Inbound leads come from physical stores, social media, blogs, video content, email marketing and many other sources.

What is an Inbound Lead Strategy?

There are several lead generation strategies for inbound leads, each agency have their own strategies and execution. It will also depend on your brand, niche and market.

Inbound lead strategies are integral to your success on gaining qualified leads – this can come from content, social media or other channels.

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