Outbound Lead Generation Agency

Many people wrongly assume that outbound lead generation is a thing of the past. But you can target a precise type of customer or client using outbound lead generation.

It’s a challenging type of lead that most miss. But for good reason, it’s difficult to lock in business from these types of leads – we have all heard of cold calling and cold emails but there’s more to it.

Outbound leads require work, it’s not potluck.

You will want to strategise your outbound approach and that’s why an expert outbound lead generation agency could be what you are looking for.

What is an Outbound Lead?

An outbound lead is when you go looking for leads rather than waiting for the potential customer to find your business.

As you can imagine, outbound leads take a lot of work to attain and even more to make it worth your time and money.

That’s why outbound lead generation agencies utilise specific strategies and present them to companies once they are warm leads. All of the hard work has been done at this point, turning these leads into valuable potential.

What is an Outbound Lead Generation Agency?

An outbound lead generation agency is a company that uses a strategy to find qualified leads, offering businesses prospects that have a high likelihood of becoming customers.

Agencies are experienced in finding and qualifying leads, and are able to present companies with a constant stream of new customers.

These strategies are executed through various means, with some agencies using PPC, SEO or social media to find appropriate leads.

Techniques to Find Outbound Leads

Each outbound lead agency has its own way of generating leads, with some specialists being able to utilise a number of channels, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and more.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is a challenging way to build outbound leads, with it often being interpreted as more of an annoyance and not great at converting.

Cold calling is an established strategy to generate leads by picking up the phone and calling potential leads without any prior knowledge or qualification. It’s a tough way to get leads due to them being “cold” but it can be used as a way to start finding or nurturing warm leads.

Many expert marketers now build leads before picking up the phone to call them, although this depends on your business type. There are occasions when cold calling can be a great place to start in generating outbound leads.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a popular way to get your content and branding seen by the masses, using techniques to ensure that Google and other search engines put your content in front of an audience.

Managing SEO is no simple feat and it’s one that requires expert assistance. That’s why an agency that specialises in SEO is able to build and maintain a site that is seen by many of your potential customers.

Outbound leads can be found through SEO, by targeting specific audiences that are looking for an answer to their query or a business in an area. This is where specialists can qualify this lead and be sure that they’re a potential customer.


Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns help businesses reach a highly targeted audience likely to be interested in your business or service.

A lead generation agency can target people using paid ads, this is done through images, content, keywords and positioning.It’s then the job of lead agencies to capitalise on the targeted PPC campaigns to convert them into qualified leads for businesses.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular form of creating outbound leads, cold emailing without permission or prior knowledge but converting these into potential sales is a long way from materialising from the initial email.

Email marketing is a great technique to attract leads, but it’s not one that can be done overnight, it requires an expert agency to strategise a series of e-mails and offers to attract potential customers.

To get the most out of email marketing, businesses use expert agencies to first create an email database of subscribers and potential customers and then execute a series of emails that could convert the cold leads, to qualified and eventually customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an aspect of one of the above, it’s high-quality and targeted content that is then distributed via SEO, PPC or Social Media.

When using different forms to qualify leads, it’s important to have trained, professional writers with experience of writing sales copy.

How to Qualify Outbound Leads

To qualify a lead, you must evaluate the information they have provided to determine their potential to become a customer.

This evaluation process typically involves assessing whether the lead has a genuine interest in your product or service, the authority to make a purchase decision, and the financial capacity to complete the transaction. Effective qualification hinges on accurately interpreting the data collected, whether it’s from a job application indicating interest in a company, contact details shared for a coupon, or personal information submitted for access to educational content.

Delivering Hot & Qualified Leads that Convert

Leads are not created equal, gaining a lead isn’t difficult but finding one that is worthwhile is another process entirely.

Find a team of experts that execute a proven strategy and by the time you get your lead, it will be hot and almost ready to commit to your product or service.

The great thing about having a team of experts that specialise in outbound lead generation, is that a system is in place, allowing experts of different areas to perform together as a well-oiled machine.

A writer knows their role, while the lead manager will be generating leads via various vehicles. There are then trialled and tested strategies ready to roll out and change a cold lead into a prospect.

Inbound vs Outbound Leads

Inbound leads are leads from customers that have found you directly, making it already warm, whereas outbound leads are found and targeted by yourself.

Outbound leads come in the form of cold calling, cold emails, PPC and SEO. Outbound leads are targeted and mean that you must go and find the customer rather than the other way around.

Outbound leads require more work and strategy to build a lead into a qualified lead, it takes time to feed useful information and to already separate irrelevant leads to potential buyers or clients.

Benefits of Outbound Lead Generation

Oubound lead generation is different from inbound and requires a different tactic. Although it’s challenging there are benefits to using outbound leads, including the time efficiency, the straightforwardness and being able to target your audience.

Generate Quick Leads

Outbound gives you quicker leads with the ability to directly approach potential leads instead of waiting for customers to come to you.

It makes the process of turning an audience into leads a lot faster from start to finish.

Straightforward Process

An advantage of outbound leads is a straightforward process when done by a specialist team that has a strategy in place.

For companies trying to do their own lead generation, it can become an uphill battle of juggling different channels and strategies but when done by an experienced team it’s a straightforward process to try and qualify potential customers.

Highly Targeted

A benefit of outbound links is that they can specifically target a set audience, whether this is via SEO, PPC or Social Media, it allows an agency the ability to zone in on specific customers.

Various Channels

The great thing about outbound lead generation is that there’s more than one way to skin a cat, in other words, why not use a range of channels. Gain leads from Social Media campaigns, SEO and PPC.

Build Brand Awareness

Outbound leads are there to convert people into potential customers or leads but there are other benefits, such as building awareness around your brand.

Just because your outbound lead didn’t go to plan, you leave an audience with knowledge of your company that can spread the word and potentially come back as a customer or client further down the line.

Disadvantages of Outbound Lead Generation

There’s not much to lose in trying outbound lead generation but here are some of the factors you should consider, such as expense and time consumption.

Expensive to Invest

To get experts to target outbound leads can be great value and if they are bringing in profit then there’s nothing to lose. But to get your outbound lead generation off the ground, it may take some money to invest, whereas inbound leads come to you and are less costly.

Time Consumption

If you go alone, then you will have to spend lots of time building these leads – that’s why you’re better off saving time and mistakes by getting tips from those in the know.

There are plenty of places to start focussing your outbound efforts and that’s when it gets confusing and time consuming.

Who is Outbound Lead Generation For?

If you’re struggling to bring in new business and want to invest money into a stream of potential buyers and profits, outbound lead generation is for you.

Here are some of the reasons to opt for outbound leads:

New Leads

Businesses looking for new business and new leads can start targeting a specific audience to gain new custom.

Outbound lead generation is a great way to cast your rod into the water and start finding customers or clients that fit, this can be a two-way thing where you find customers that need your service and make a happy process.

Money to Invest

If you’re interested in outbound lead generation then you will need money to invest. We don’t advise inexperienced companies to take outbound leads into their own hands and should instead imply a strategic approach.

Building Awareness

Part of the strategy of outbound leads should be to spread the word. You can do this as you pick up leads and cold call or e-mail, this will get your brand in front of more people and could result in more sales down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lead Generation Businesses Profitable?

When done right, lead generation is a profitable method, bringing in more money than it costs to fund the lead generation campaign.

Lead generation businesses are highly profitable when managed effectively. They capitalise on the demand for qualified leads by businesses across various industries, turning the process of identifying potential customers into a lucrative service.

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost?

The cost of lead generation varies widely, depending on the strategies employed and the target industry. Costs can range from a few pounds per lead for basic information to several hundred for highly qualified leads in competitive sectors.

How Do I Get More Outbound Leads?

To increase outbound leads, enhance direct outreach strategies like cold calling, email marketing, and social media engagement. Tailoring your message to meet the specific needs and pain points of your target audience can significantly improve response rates.

Can I Buy Leads Instead?

Yes, you can buy leads. Purchasing leads from reputable providers can be a quick way to fill your sales pipeline. However, ensure the leads are high-quality and relevant to your business to maximise conversion rates.

The advantage of working with a professional company on your leads is that the leads are more likely to be qualified. The agency will work with you to help the customer understand what you offer and to also target the customers you are looking for.

How Does Lead Generation Companies Work?

Lead generation companies work by employing a variety of marketing strategies to attract potential customers and collect their information. They then qualify these prospects based on predefined criteria before passing them on to their clients as leads.

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