SEO Case Studies

Learn how SEOs in virtually all industries find ways to scale their organic rankings online.

Within the SEO Case Studies, you will learn the best practices from some of the highest-earning affiliates and hopefully be educated with some knowledge bombs.

Before we get started with the long list of search engine optimisation case studies below I want to offer a chance for the community to promote themself here.

This article is new and the case studies will start to be added continuously throughout 2021 with a step-by-step walkthrough of how results were achieved.

Do You Have Amazing Results to Showcase?

If you would like to create a case study to showcase your amazing results I am willing to let you add your project.

To qualify and have your case study added you will need to provide a well-written record of research into the development of your project and timeframe.

Within the article, we would want clear examples and results to back up your amazing results.

In return, I am happy for you to promote any services you used and self promote yourself (just as long as your results have specific traffic boner growth).

Successful SEO Case Studies

From our research here is a list of successful SEO case studies:

Promote Your SEO Services

Another reason for this cluster of articles we are creating is to help the wider community promote their services.

Do you have a service you want to promote and get us to test this on some case studies?

At Fatrank the team heavily invest in digital assets and always looking for ways to scale their content roadmaps and test the best gigs available.

So if you have any of the following services you want us to test then message us and we can trial your work:

  • Content Writing (preferably written in Surfer SEO Content Editor)
  • Guest Post Placements (preferably traffic, highly relevant and low OBLs)
  • Niche Edits (super authoritative links)
  • Tier 2 Backlinks (sending power to our high DR tier one links)
  • Website Audits for site speed, technical errors and indexation
  • Content Audit to some of our larger sites
  • Domain Vendors so we can look to acquire websites for 301s
  • Any SEO Tools we should be using additional to ahrefs, semrush and keyword clustering tools

We are always happy to test and experiment with new gigs and services.

If we use your service and see traffic boners we will make sure the tool or service is mentioned in the SEO case studies.

Looking For An Opportunity

If you think you have what it takes to scale a profitable affiliate site but need some guidance or investment?

In May 2022 we are looking to take on some partners and willing to take the risk in investing with some highly educated SEOs who need the break they deserve.

Here are the steps you need to take if looking for the opportunity:

  1. Sign up to ODYS through my affiliate link which gets you $100 credit added to your balance here
  2. Look through the list of domains available for sale and see one you like which is in a niche you enjoy and would like to manage the project on
  3. Send me an email to with the domain name, price of domain and reason why you deserve the opportunity

If the email catches my teams attention and the domain could drive good volume we will invest in yourself by buying the domain and paying for all the running costs to grow the brand out.

This investment opportunity will form part of the SEO Case Studies here and we can log the growth stats of the site.