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Many website owners and even SEO companies need to understand – “Google Dance – Explanation to Jumps in SERPs Ranking” because otherwise they could fall into the hands of Google penalties. There is a few reasons as to why your keywords could be jumping in the search engines which are :

  1. Recently Built Some New Links – below on this article will explain the patents google use
  2. Content Cannibalization – visit here for more information on this
  3. Refreshed algo devalued your existing link profile
  4. Link Velocity has slowed down or even stopped building links
  5. Backlinks have dropped off losing authority or over optimising anchor text

Recently Built Backlinks Google Dance Explanation

I recently read a post which highlighted reasons why your backlinks are not helping the rankings to improve. In this post there was a vital source of information that linked to the google patent – click here to view this patented system by google. The patent abstract is :-

“A system determines a first rank associated with a document and determines a second rank associated with the document, where the second rank is different from the first rank.

The system also changes, during a transition period that occurs during a transition from the first rank to the second rank, a transition rank associated with the document based on a rank transition function that varies the transition rank over time without any change in ranking factors associated with the document.”

Once you have read this Google patent you will understand the algorithm is set up to have a two pronged attack. This means that when you create search engine optimization techniques that might positively impact on your rankings in the SERPs, it can carry out a negative result for a short period of time.

For example if you build some authority links to your site which would be expected to improve the rankings, but your SERP position drops out of nowhere. Many people’s first response would be to panic and try to remove whatever they have just done in an attempt to get the ranking back up.

However, during this period you need to be patient and carry on doing your SEO strategies. Do not try to remove or tweak anything that looks like it has been bad for the site.

Patience Is Key

Being patient is key to this process because if, in the time frame they lower your rankings, you start to tweak elements to recoup it back then as it is in ‘monitoring’ stage the big G will see you are trying to carry out SEO.

If Google sees this and thinks you are trying to manipulate the results they might decide to keep your site in the lower rank. This is why it’s vital not to panic if your rankings unexpectedly drop after you apply some new SEO techniques. If you start making even more changes and Google thinks your activity is suspicious, you could lose your rankings completely.

Since Matt Diggity published the article, this one has also been released explaining the same information so if you want to read further into this check out – 

Keep Building Links

The issue is many new SEO individuals or large growth hacking agencies fail. This is because when sites start to jump in the SERPs people stop building links to the site. They automatically presume the issue is onpage and stop the offpage link building until they address this problem. However stopping the backlinks just brings your link velocity down and this can affect the website.

You should all know that the algorithm is not as advanced as people make out. It is very simple guys and you need quality content and backlinks. If you are not ranking on page one then you need more content and more links. Obviously there are other ranking factors but the core algorithm works on this basis. So never stop building links because you certainly need to maintain link velocity to rank.

Dropped Off Or Devalued Links

Another potential reason for your rankings jumping around could be to do with existing links dropping off. This could be expiring domains or even that google has devalued a chunk of the internet.

This happens a lot and all the more reason to keep building fresh links to combat this. Just make sure you are choosing the correct anchor text because when links are dropping off I find many instances where over optimisation of anchor text comes into play. Read this article to be creative with future tense anchor text options.

Google Dance aka Random Ranking Factor

To quickly sum up the article, the Google dance is certainly real and is also known as the ‘random ranking factor’. So for growth hacking strategies make sure you understand this because Rome was not built in a day. Therefore you need time for your work to be calculated by the algorithms before panicking.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Google dance and why your search engine rankings are jumping up and down.

Test and monitor all the potential reasoning as to why before asking questions. Because normally it is really easy to see the problem. Do not panic and be patient to the ranking positioning and if you are in need of more enquiries for your business of clients then consider this and white label to your customers because with a hands off approach could earn you some serious money.

Pro Tip To Take Away On Google Dance to Individual Keyphrases

Stop obsessing over tracking all your individual keyphrases. Stop monitoring semrush or google adwords to check what gets you the most search volume. Instead just go after these phrases. But start to create a content depth website which goes after all the long tail around these phrases. Scoop up all those pennies and pick up the long tail variations. Why do this :

  1. It will drive you traffic faster as easier to rank
  2. Long tail normally has more buying intent behind the searches
  3. It adds content depth to the website and supporting articles
  4. Gives more content theme around your main money keyword
  5. You can link build to all these supporting articles and through silo power your money page
  6. The how to, what is type articles get more traction on social media shares which drives traffic

You need to look at all avenues to generate traffic to your sites. Traffic is becoming more of a ranking signal and moving forward I can only see this playing a bigger part in the ranking factors. It is not easy and is a slog to do this but build your content depth up asap.

Next get any articles which could get traction on Facebook ads as a boosted post. Then go out and grab yourself several new high quality backlinks from whatever vendor or suppliers you are using. Keep hustling and message me on your successes chaps!! 🙂

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  • Jonny says:

    That’s completely true, James. But I have a doubt: how long it happens? You said: “for a short period of time”, but I have websites in which it’s been like 40 days since it first dropped after adding a good link and it still remains there.

    • James Dooley says:

      That wont be the google dance and sounds more like you have over optimised something there. Probably your anchor text so have a look what anchor text you used and if it was exact match theres a good chance you have over done it for this keyword. Maybe send some more links to that page but keep it naked urls, branded or generic to lower the percentage of exact match backlinks. Hope this helps and let me know how it goes.

      If still struggling I can take a look for you if you like?

  • Mohd Arif says:

    since last 2 month, I am facing this problem every 3, 4 days my site traffic goes high and another 5 or 6 days traffic goes down..I always published detail article on my site and submit every post on social media and various social bookmarking sites.
    Do you know how many days this google dance can take?

  • ReflexionWeddings says:

    Hi, after long time doing nothing on my page
    last week I stated to “optimimise “ articles for SEO and building backlinks.

    The page jump up fo 20-30 places and now started to drop places (5-6) per week.

    Is it just need time ? or i am doing too much at same time

    • James Dooley says:

      Thanks for the comment. You should probably wait and see if the rankings come back up. If they don’t it could be that you have done too much at once. Try not to build a lot of links at the same time, spread it out over time instead to make it more natural.

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