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future of seo effective frequency

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When it comes to marketing, both online and offline, the goal for most companies is usually similar: Get your products seen by as many people as possible and make as many sales as you can.

But how can you be sure that your campaign is helping you to achieve this goal?

Lots of businesses give up on advertising because they haven’t seen instant results, so they think it’s a waste of time.

However, they are forgetting about an important concept which is shaping the future of SEO and marketing. This is something which people refer to as ‘effective frequency’.

Why is Effective Frequency So Important?

There are many reasons why effective frequency is so important into your processes.

We used to solely rank successfully in high ticket niches with quality content and backlinks.

However, nowadays our business mindset shift has moved towards technical SEO, engagement, and traffic.

Engagement and traffic are what I believe to be the holy grail and will be for years to come.

I tested several campaigns and see big rankings jumps when we did the following strategies:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Adwords
  • Youtube Ads
  • Forum / Q+A’s
  • Automated Linkedin Posts
  • Other strategies offsite to drive referral traffic

These strategies I believe seen significant jumps because of the CTR, engagement, and traffic they drove to my site.

What is Effective Frequency?

It’s a term you will hear widely in traditional advertising to describe how much exposure is needed for products during an ad campaign.

The effective frequency is the number of times a consumer needs to see or hear an advert before they take action and the marketer gets the response they want.

Depending on what is the company is selling, this could be anything such as purchasing a product, understanding a message or acting on an instruction.

Repeat Your Message

These principles are based on research which suggests that a repeated message is much more effective than one that someone only sees once.

So if you’re running a marketing campaign to sell your product, let’s say it’s a hair straightener, your adverts need to run for a good amount of time and you should display them through different media.

The aim is to make sure that consumers see your hair straightener multiple times from different sources, and that this repeats the message to them.

It’s very rare that someone will buy a product after the first time they have seen it.

This is why it’s so important to make sure your brand is seen frequently if you want to really influence someone to buy what you’re selling.

Not only does this repeatedly expose the consumer to your products, it also helps to build trust in your brand.

People associate familiarity with trust, and if they see your company in lots of places and become familiar with it, they’re more likely to trust you and believe in what you have to offer.

Some of the most successful brands have ad campaigns which run for months and even years, making them hugely recognizable to consumers.

Traditional Marketing vs Online

In order to have a successful advertising strategy, you need to be targeting both offline and online media. The two work hand in hand and one will usually offer better results if you combine it with the other.

Many consumers now find things they want to buy through entering a Google search. But how do people know what they’re looking for if a product or brand hasn’t been presented to them in the first place? This is where you need to find a balance, and make sure you are thinking about effective frequency for both sides of your marketing campaign.

Offline Advertising

Traditional marketing or offline advertising can take all sorts of forms. These include TV and radio adverts, billboards, newspaper ads, posters, and prints.

These are essential if you are launching a new product or company which no one knows anything about yet. This type of advertising is about putting your brand in front of people who would otherwise never have known about it.

Going back to the hair straightener example, imagine you are starting the company and your brand is ‘Sandra’s Hair Straighteners’. Is anyone going to be looking to buy a product from you if they don’t even know the company exists? Definitely not.

You need traditional marketing to present your products to people who hadn’t heard of them and didn’t even know about them. This is where the TV ads, billboards, magazines, posters etc are vital in gaining exposure for your brand.

When thinking about offline advertising, you may want to set up a number of different campaigns. This can improve the likelihood of someone buying your products or services.

It is a good idea to invest in different platforms. By doing this that your potential clients will be more likely to take notice of your company or brand.

Studies suggest that if a person hears about a product or service through different types of platforms (e.g. hears it on the radio, sees in a newspaper and watches it on TV) they will be more likely to inquire.

Digital Marketing and Online Strategies

So you’ve run your ad campaign, and people are seeing Sandra’s Hair Straighteners everywhere. It reaches the effective frequency and someone decides they want to buy one of your hair straighteners, so they take to Google.

This person has seen your brand name in adverts, so they type ‘Sandra’s Hair Straighteners’ into the search engine. You need to make sure that your website is ranking in the top SERP position for that key phrase.

Do this by running SEO, digital marketing, and online strategies. It’s important that once people know about your brand and want to search for it, they can find you online.

This kind of marketing should combine a whole range of things including on-page content optimization, social media promotions and managing your link building methods.

The reason a combination of methods is good for your business is it reinforces the idea of effective frequency. We recommend you optimize your page organically through content and link building as well as PPC methods.

You will want to be at the top of the pay per click search results as well as the organic results. If you do this your audience will see your website twice.

This will then increase trust and make them more likely to visit your website. Social advertising is also a great way to bring clients in, as you can target them specifically.

You can also retarget your audience through online strategies. This is great for effective frequency since your audience will see your brand over and over again.

In this photo you can see the ideas that our team put together from a discussion about online marketing strategies:

You should consider effective frequency along with internet marketing as well in order to build an online presence for your brand. Again, it’s about presenting your products in as many places as possible. You can definitely do this by working with other people.

Check out blogs which are relevant to your niche and reach out to them. You could ask if you can write an article on their site.

Maybe you find a popular blog talking about hair styling tips, and you ask if you can write a post about Sandra’s Hair Straighteners. This gets your brand in front of their readers, therefore expanding your audience and bringing in more potential sales.

Take a look at the video below. It explains more about taking action and reaching out to other companies in order to expand your own brand:

Synergising with Other People

A common mistake that people make when building their brand is seeing similar companies as competition. This negative outlook can lose you a lot of opportunities.

It also won’t exactly show your company in a good light. Yes, these other businesses may be ‘competing’ for sales from the same target audience as you, but by working together you could see a lot more benefits than working alone.

Get Your Content Shared

As we mentioned before, you could reach out to other companies. Offer to share their products with your audience on your website or social media. They could then return the favour and share your products with their audience.

This could be done by linking to your website from theirs, and if their website ranks well for your keywords it probably gets a lot of traffic. So if you have a link on one of their pages it’s likely to pass traffic through to your website. These links are much more powerful than dormant links from PBNs or spammy sites which don’t get any clicks.

If you have a blog which you regularly update with new posts and content, people will want to share it and find out more about your brand.

By doing this, you’re creating a win-win situation where you both benefit. If you saw that company just as a competitor, neither of you would gain anything.

Converting Your Traffic

When you have a relationship with another company, you could set up an agreement to share clients and enquiries. This means your company, Sandra’s Hair Straighteners, could team up with a business who supply salon standard hair dryers.

You could then create a website with written content and pages talking about these hair dryers. Although you don’t actually supply these products, you can still rank the website for these keywords. Then just pass those customers onto the other company.

This is particularly helpful if you can target people who are searching because they are looking to actually buy these products.

But how does that benefit you? Well, the other company can do the same thing and pass people looking for hair straighteners onto you. So you’re both getting more traffic and people viewing your products.

These will then hopefully be converted into more sales, so again it’s a win-win situation as you’re both getting things that you wouldn’t have had without the help of the other person. To find out more about this kind of joint strategy, check out this post which explains it in more detail.

If you look at the video below, you’ll see an explanation of key habits that all highly effective people have. Points 4,5 and 6 on this video go into more detail on synergising and working with others:

So what are some of the main points we can take from this article?

  • Effective frequency describes how much exposure to an advert a consumer needs before taking action.
  • Repeated exposure to a marketing message is far more likely to provoke a response than a single exposure.
  • Combine traditional marketing and SEO strategies to achieve the best results from ad campaigns.
  • Working with other companies in your niche will benefit you a lot more than seeing everyone as competition.
  • Embrace the digital era now and get found on paid ads, organic listings, social media and in forums/directories

If you’re looking to grow your brand and promote your products, you need to be considering the idea of effective frequency as the future of online marketing.

Implementing online strategies alone won’t get you the best possible results, especially if you’re a new company. Think outside the box and get an ad campaign running with different types of media.

Do this over a broad length of time if you want to maximise your return on investment.

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  • Phil Jepson says:

    Great read, will definitely take these techniques on board and use them going forward.

  • Elliot says:

    If I was running a marketing campaign, there are a few great methods that I would use to ensure that people are targeted and see my advert multiple times. Retargeting is crucial in advertising and statistics show that many clicks and engagement come through the second or even third time that someone sees your campaign. There are several different methods of advertising but to make sure they see your campaign enough times I would use retargeting through cookies. This way I can ensure that the people who are interested in my product or service are retargeted and this will likely be the best way of increasing traffic and sales as they are guaranteed to be interested. I’m sure you will understand how this feels after being retargeted yourself on a platform such as Facebook. Say if you have been looking at a certain brand of shoes, the shoes will then magically reappear on the side of your Facebook feed, leading you to click on the ad. In terms of other promotion, I would ensure that I build strong articles surrounding my product or service and promote these on social media and blogging platforms. I would also use keyword research to target the best search results for my product which would help it rank on Google for higher traffic results and this keyword research would also help with paid advertisement including social and organic ads which would further benefit my marketing campaign. Retargeting is a huge part of marketing and always will be!

    • James Dooley says:

      Traditional marketing always say it is the third time before any buys a product they see on billboards, tv ads, radio adverts and this method needs to be adapted online. Try and get yourself seen in the serps and also on social media platforms.

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