Content Audit Service

There are so many large websites suffering from partial panda penalties with low-quality pages on their site.

But what do these website owners do about it? Write more irrelevant content and try to build topical authority.

SEOs have a misconception about how to build topical authority and just build web pages for the sake of doing so.

SEO requires a plan and a topical map audit should be purchased for every website someone is working on.

In our Content Audit Service guide, we explain how improving existing articles might return much better ROI than just keep creating new.

What is the Best Content Audit Service?

The best content audit service is a specialist who can uncover low-quality web pages and set a plan to delete or improve these blog posts.

Some SEO specialists use the following tools to carry out the content audit service:

The top-rated Content Optimisation Audit Services use several of these on-page SEO tools to generate a plan.

If you feel your website is struggling to rank, has been hit with an algorithm update or needs an overhaul get in touch today.

How Much is The Content Audit Service?

The average cost of a comprehensive content audit is $1k to $4k, depending on the size of the website.

The prices vary considerably with what services you want including:


More and more search engine optimisation specialists are trying to use AI content writing tools and do not understand Google can detect AI content easily.

The use of artificial intelligence in SEO can certainly help you grow, but human optimisation needs to be carried out with tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to further improve the content generated.

If you are looking for a content audit services company then make sure to check previous content SEO case studies on successful domains.

The best advice to any starting out in SEO is to not cheap out on the content production and look to create the best piece of content in May 2024 for your given topic.

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