Cluster AI Review

Cluster AI outperforms your current keyword research process.

Cluster AI is an affiliate keyword research tool that clusters large lists of keywords into unique content topics.

And when you do perfect keyword research, your content ends up outranking competitors with perfectly optimised content and topical supporting articles.

Check out whether our Cluster AI Review managed to get into our best keyword clustering tools list for July 2024.

Why Cluster AI Could Transform Your SEO?

If you have not read my article on what the best SEOs say about search intent I strongly recommend you read it.

Making sure you are writing your content to match the SERP intent and understanding the one page for one corpus is essential to your SEO efforts in July 2024.

Perfect clustering of keywords means your content ends up outranking competitors with higher authority, more backlinks, and bigger marketing budgets.

And when backlinks are needed to get the outcome you desire, you need less to get there.

Performing quality keyword research requires high levels of skills and experience but too many agencies give this to junior team members which is a recipe for disaster.

Manual keyword research strategies rely heavily on gut feelings and intuition, and mistakes are likely to happen. It’s a manual process that takes a long time to do so why not use specialist tools like ClusterAI Keyword Grouping Tool.

ClusterAI Google Blackbox

ClusterAI allows you to do perfect keyword clustering every single time. It removes the inexperienced junior from guessing and fewer mistakes are made.

How Cluster AI Works?

Here is how Cluster AI works:

  1. Build your seed keyword list using your SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush or Google Search Console
  2. Import up to 25k keywords into Cluster AI Keyword Grouping Tool
  3. Cluster AI uses data from the SERPs to make keyword decisions by crawling and retrieving the top 10 websites ranking for each keyword
  4. Cluster AI matches every keyphrase against every other keyword and compares the number of pages that rank for both sets of queries
  5. When Cluster AI finds 3 or more pages that rank for a set of keywords, it’s likely you can also rank for this set of keywords with one page also
  6. The keywords will be grouped into pages to then order with your content writers

ClusterAI Benefits

Keyword Research has been made easy with amazing tools like SemRush and Ahrefs.

Within minutes you can export 40,000 key phrases you want to try and optimise your website to rank for.

But then what? You need to create a content roadmap for your silo and what keywords are standalone supporting articles or headers onto existing articles.

How do you know what pages to order with your content writers?

Do you manually group 40,000 keywords into subtopics to create the pages to order?

This is where ClusterAI does all the heavy lifting for you and can group the keyword list into specific pages to be written.

Saving your staff weeks of time and delivering results from what the Google SERPs are telling you to cluster together.


As ClusterAI is a new tool there is a couple of things I think needs improvement which keyword cupid does offer.

The first being that they need to integrate proxies so the searches can be performed in whatever GEO the customers wants to search.

At present, the default Geo is in the United States but obviously, other SERPs like the United Kingdom will bring back much different SERP intent so that needs sorting.

They will have to be rotating IPs so that all the searches can be performed without Google blocking the IP from searching.

The second is to ideally pull the live results as you run the report and not use cache results from previous searches.

Live results are always better because if the SERP results change you want to be able to correlate to the existing results on the Search Engine Results Page.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to sign up with ClusterAI, Keyword Cupid or other Keyword Clustering Tools is down to personal preference.

The truth of the matter is you 100% need to make a decision and choose one because trying to carry this out manually is a pain in the ass.

The keyword clustering tools will save your staff time and effort to scale the projects you are working on to new record heights.