Website Content Uploader

As you scale your freelance SEO content writers you will need to hire website content uploaders in your team.

You hear many stories of businesses ramping up their content production but forget who is going to upload the articles created.

A website content uploader needs to not only publish the content but check and optimise the finished article.

The content upload specialist needs to check the copywriter has followed the instructions set out in the content brief document.

Proofreading Before Publication

Here is a video explaining some SEO mistakes made when the uploader does not proofread before publication:

If the niche is needing an expert level overview it is always recommended to save it as a draft and get the industry expert to check over the information written.

How to Find Website Content Uploaders?

Here are some places to find website content uploaders. Make sure to click the links to learn more about these platforms and how you can utilise them to find the best website content uploaders:

When sourcing new freelancers make sure you have an onboarding training course to filter the best employees.


Before uploading content that has been written by your freelance copywriters or in-house content writers you need to audit the quality.

Having a stringent scoring process before you upload the blog posts is a necessity.

It is your last chance before pressing publish to quality control the content creation.