Why Become an SEO?

Why Become an SEO

I often get asked what my job title is and most of the time I struggle to answer this question.

This is because so many different professions in our trade call themselves SEO gurus, online marketers, digital nomads, digital marketing experts, growth hackers, and many more job descriptions.

SEO stands for Seach Engine Optimisation.

In a nutshell, I help commercial businesses generate more leads and gain exposure in as many areas as possible. The benefits are endless and I love being an SEO or whatever else you might want to call it.

Let me explain why I feel SEO is the best job in the world.

1. Job Satisfaction

A huge benefit of being an SEO is job satisfaction. You are constantly working with businesses in helping them grow their profits. If you are good at what you do then you can make masses companies of all sizes a lot of profit.

The success is hugely rewarding because your clients are constantly contacting to thank you and recommending to their friends and family. Clients can become quite reliant on you which in effect means great working relationships formed and even great friendships. Seeing companies thrive from your input is very rewarding.

Making money online by helping these businesses with SEO is certainly not the same as multi-level marketing. In my eyes, Multi-Level Marketing aka MLM is manipulating people into a pyramid sales scheme in which they don’t understand and in the long run, many people lose out on this. To read about the difference on MLM and SEO click the link for more details. The job satisfaction of being an SEO is certainly a feeling of fulfilment or enjoyment that a person derives from their job. Through being in this specialist niche you feel these rewards daily.

2. Not Location-Dependent

You can travel anywhere in the world and as long as you have a laptop and internet you can work. This gives you freedom and flexibility as there’s no need to rent an office or commute to work every day. You can work from home or even as you travel around the world.

It is totally up to you and your schedule, but you need to make sure you are putting the hours in if you want to get real results back. This kind of lifestyle is often referred to as a Digital Nomad way of living, you can see more about this here. Many people enjoy being able to work like this when it is convenient for them with no limitations or restrictions form others.

3. Growing Industry

The SEO business is constantly growing as new developments come about in online marketing. Google updates its ranking algorithms frequently, meaning new strategies are needed. There are now more searches and more users of search engines than ever before. As a result of this, the demand for conquering this market is massive.

So many people now take to Google before buying products and looking for services. There are so many ways for businesses to generate profits from this. The number of companies moving online to sell products or market themselves is also on the rise. From this, it is giving even more opportunities to digital marketers.

websites promote you 24 7

Traditional advertising methods are becoming less popular and less powerful with many businesses trying to keep up with the online world. You can see more about the growth of SEO as an industry in this blog post if you are interested in reading more. Getting a job in the SEO niche gives you plenty of room to develop and advance in the future. The strategies are changing almost every day so there is plenty to learn.

4. Profits Can Be Unlimited

There is no cap on what you can earn. The more you work the more you will earn, especially with the industry is growing every year. There are not enough marketers for the demand of work so prices you can charge customers can be big profits. This kind of skill and expertise is in such high demand from so many companies. Because of this, there are plenty of opportunities to make very good through SEO and digital marketing. Being able to bring in leads and increase profits for a wide range of businesses is a priceless service to offer. So you’ll be sure to see the benefits if you put the work in.

5. Flexible Working Hours

Seo enables you to work whatever hours you want and from whatever location you are in the world. This flexibility makes it easy to learn and grow your skills in your own time when it’s convenient. Workaround your own lifestyle and your family to make your daily tasks easier to manage.

Let me Break This List Up With a Mindset Section – If you are reading this and thinking “WOW! This is a dream job because I can make money while sitting on the beach drinking mojitos and get rich quick,” then this article might not be for you, but you seriously need the right mindset from the start, which I believe is to be willing to work hard and take action to make this happen. You need to learn a lot and understand the niche first before just going out delegating all your work to staff overseas and not knowing what you are paying for.

Please read this article here – You Create Your Own Luck By Taking Massive Determined Action because it is amazing how many people say ‘you are so lucky.’ But my response to that is “It is amazing that the harder I work the luckier I seem to get.” You need to be willing to put the time in and do not get stuck in the cycle of ‘Analysis Paralysis’. This is the state of over-analysing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralysing the outcome. Start taking massive determined action today and if you need to improve your SEO knowledge or are looking to start out in this industry then read through this website to enhance your knowledge.

6. Most Searched For Skill

For business owners and recruitment companies, the most searched for skill globally is SEO. The demand for SEO is so huge and the number of marketers cannot keep up with this demand. There are not enough people trained in this field to cover the demands of businesses all over the world. Having this knowledge gives you a valuable service which you can provide for any company that wants to increase sales.

page 2 of google serps

If a business wants to grow and be more successful, owners need to be looking into new ways of marketing in order to boost sales and bring in more clients. With in-depth knowledge of Google ranking strategies, you’ll be in a position to fill this need and work within many industries. The digital marketing world is constantly expanding which means there is always a demand for online marketing services.

7. You Don’t Need to Meet a Single Client in Person

You can deal with all your clients remotely from anywhere in the world. Connecting with Skype, email and many CRM systems which are now available means you can get clients from anywhere in the world. They don’t just have to be within your local town. Because your work is so accessible from wherever you are, this gives you even more opportunity to expand who you work with. There is no need to go out and meet with clients to explain what is being done each month. You can simply work from your own schedule, delegate out certain tasks and customise everything to how you want.

8. Never Run Out of Potential Clients

There are 118 new websites coming online every minute, so that’s 7083 new websites every single hour. Putting that into a daily amount, that is 170,000 new websites every single day entering the internet. So that is potentially 170,000 new clients you could go after to provide them with a service. The vast majority of new and existing companies will be looking for ways to get more customers and ultimately make more sales and profit. If you have enough knowledge of SEO strategies to be able to provide these leads, you will become valuable to lots of businesses.


There are so many different niches and markets available, with new ones being created every day. These all open up opportunities with companies who need to increase their sales but are unsure of how to go about digital marketing and don’t know where to start. You can provide an effective service which helps them to become more successful and generate better profits.

9. Your Revenue Can Be Made Totally Passive

I am a massive advocate for outsourcing your work. Here is a great article about hiring virtual assistants to help you grow your company. Therefore you could potentially have a team of staff employed anywhere in the world completing your services so you can relax. The amount of SEO outsourcing agencies are endless and delegating this work is key to success. So let’s say you decided to visit the popular website Upwork and you posted a job there. On average they say the estimated amount of replies is 41 applicants saying they can fulfil the job role you need completing.

Having such a large amount of skilled workers available makes it easier for you to scale up your work. This is because you are not just depending on what you can do in a day. As long as you set up Standard Operating Procedures for each task that you need doing, assistants from all over the world can work for you and make the whole process much quicker.

10. The SEO Community

WOW guys the SEO community is something else. I have made so many great friends and treat them now as part of my extended family. We travel regularly to meet up and the community is the best I have ever come across. Sharing knowledge, ideas and helping each other is such a great feeling. You will always come across people who can teach you things and vice versa.

conversation creates communities

I personally love the definition of Synergy where two heads are always better than one as you can bring more ideas to the table. In the world of SEO, networking is vitally important because it’s very difficult to come up with all of the answers and ideas by yourself. Talking with people about their different experiences and strategies they have tried can benefit you both.

Why Become an SEO: Round-Up

Since I became a digital nomad I have learned so many life lessons. Here is an article with regards to digital nomad life lessons that runs through everything I have learned while working in SEO and traveling the world.

If you want to travel and make money online or build a large SEO agency then you really need to understand the huge benefits of delegation because you need to outsource the work to technicians to allow you to be the online entrepreneur to grow your earnings.

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  • Dino Gomez says:

    Straight fire. Well said bud. Can’t beat the SEO lifestyle, helping clients, & networking with awesome entreprenuers.

  • Elliot says:

    Lots of detail here can I ask how long you have been in the SEO industry mate?

  • Amelia says:

    Thanks for this post James, found it really interesting to read! I’m going to have a look at some more of your posts!

  • Dan says:

    Finally an SEO article that breaks it down easily. So many pages out there giving false information but this really makes a lot of sense. Nice one!

  • Gafis says:

    I was trying to much to protect myself as this is dangerous, but read your message on twitter, let’s talk, see email.

  • colin says:

    Really like the article, clear, easy to understand and well detailed. Have been having difficult time trying to understand various SEO content posted in different sites. Thanks to fatrank.com , I now understand why I should start doing SEO. Just a quick question…Is it possible you help me understand on how I can optimize my website? Email me collinsobara@yahoo.com

  • Elliot says:

    I think for most people, the idea of being able to travel anywhere in the world and still be able to work would be the most appealing factor. However, for me as much as the digital nomad lifestyle sounds amazing, I think the SEO community is probably the biggest factor. I have met several great search engine optimisers in the couple of years I have been involved in the industry and not once have I ever met someone negative! Even people on forums will be more than happy to help you as the SEO community is super upbeat and positive! Everyone is linking to help each other find results and make profits. I feel like the other main factor for me is that SEO is the most searched for skill globally. This shows how many people would love to plant themselves in the industry and shows the amazing potential for the industry in the future. It is such a solid foundation for any career due to all the individual jobs that can come from it. In my opinion, as of now there is no better industry for a job.

  • The first reason I would like to become an SEO is that I think learning about this area would help me improve and broaden my career. After studying Photography & Graphic design it’s hard to find an area of work just in that area, I want to learn new things and I think that getting into digital marketing would help me improve my skills and knowledge in other areas. Another reason would that the digital world is growing and having experience in the digital marketing industry is going to help in the future. In this industry the possibilities are endless, you can achieve anything, that’s what I think this industry is so interesting.

  • Josh Stark says:

    The 10 reasons that would most likely convince me to get involved in this industry would be:

    (My top 3 are my most important)

    1. Flexible working hours. I like the idea that I could do 9 till 5 or I could do 7 till 3 if I wanted to. This gives me flexibility and Independence that I like.
    2. I think that marketing will have a part of every job I will do and a useful skill to learn a develop as well I think that even in real life having marketing skills to do something as simple as selling the experience of eating a carrot to a child would be a great for future needs.
    3. The market changes regularly due to technological advances so the job you’re doing now might have a different job description then it will in a year.
    4. Develop social skills/ Customer service skills. I’ve always been a shy person at first however as I get to know people I become friendlier and more social so talking to new clients each day will help me overall as well as getting to know my work colleges and maybe make some new friends from work.
    5. Meeting a lot of new people that have different personalities whether that be a mean or kind personality which will allow me to become more equip for people I meant like that in the future.
    6. Knowledge. The knowledge that digital marketing offers is good to know for the future even in other jobs as understanding digital marketing means that you will know how to structure your work to suit customers and to get on the first page of Google.
    7. Negotiation skills. Working with customers that
    8. IT Skills. It will require a basic level however the higher level of the business I get to I might have to learn new applications I am unfamiliar with or don’t know anything about. Also with technology improving all the time new methods of advertising could be needed and it would be fun to learn.
    9. Creativity: Depending on the role I may be required to write copy for marketing materials and press releases or help with the layout and design of media. On top of this my work may involve contributing to the ideas stage of planning a campaign. This will allow me to show my innovation and impressed my colleges as well as the audience.
    10. Pay. Not actually sure how much an apprentice would earn or how the hierarchy of pay works but I wouldn’t really mind as long as I can provide for myself and treats for others and myself.

    (This is all personally opinion)

  • Ryan Nixon says:

    Having gone over all of the fatrank articles passed to me on my trial day I feel glad and very confident to move up and try and immerse myself into this industry. It seems like you’ve been on quite the adventure to get to this point and it sounds like there’s plenty left to go. I feel inspired enough to say definitely that there is a career for me in the digital marketing sector and this is exactly where I want to start. The articles offer such unique insight into not only the robotic side of the job but the human side as well. The life lessons article was a piece of brilliance and offers a spectacle that none of my research into the sector created. There is a wealth of experience around me to help me grow and soak up knowledge whether it be through osmosis or dealing with on-the-job activities. I appreciate the idea of the freedom this work comes with. The idea of being left to my own devices and adopting the flow state of mind to focus and market to the best of my ability. Also I love the idea of building as many bridges as humanly possible. To adopt a mindset in which you can learn from anyone and soak up all of the perspective on the industry they have to offer. This combined with the virtual webinars and real life seminars and events will allow me to shake as many hands as possible and meet new people with fresh insight on how to do business. My third and final reason for wanting to become an SEO is that I want to work in something that I can be passionate about and thinking about other departments of work such as administrations that don’t allow you to access the full creative extent of your skill set where as digital marketing almost embodies this.

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