AddToIndex Review

AddtoIndex is a well-known backlink indexing service that speeds up your process of getting new backlinks recognised by Google and other major search engines.

Backlinks are still as important in SEO as they were over a decade ago, but the problem is that many go unnoticed by search engines. Tools such as Add to Index prompt Google to crawl and index your links.

But before committing to a search engine index tool – you’ll want to be sure that you’ve found the right one. In this detailed AddtoIndex review, we look at the key features, how it works, and some of the tools that outperformed it.

Key Details & Takeaways

  • The lowest priced package is $20 a month
  • It made it 6th on our list of the best indexers
  • Beaten by top-tier services such as Indexceptional

What is AddToIndex?

AddToIndex is a premium backlink indexing service that allows users to submit their backlinks to major search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing.

AddToIndex provides an affordable and effective solution for ensuring that your backlinks are recognised and indexed in 2024. The service is designed to support SEO professionals and digital marketers who aim to enhance their site’s visibility and authority by making every backlink count.

AddtoIndex offer credible prices although you’ll be stuck into a subscription. We believe better value is available at GigaIndexer

How Does AddToIndex Work?

AddToIndex submits your links to search engines using their respective Webmaster Tools. Each link is processed to ensure a successful indexing call (HTTP 200 response), confirming that the link has been crawled and is on track to be indexed.

The service efficiently handles the submission process and typically achieves link visibility in search engine results within 2-7 days, depending on various factors.

Key Features of AddToIndex

Here are the key features of AddtoIndex:

Cost-Effective Pricing’s pricing is on a monthly basis, with three different tiers: basic, deluxe and premium.

AddToIndex provides several plan options, catering to different needs:

  • Basic Plan: 1000 links for $20/month.
  • Deluxe Plan: 3000 links for $50/month.
  • Premium Plan: 10,000 links for $150/month.

All plans include unlimited campaigns, an API key, and drip-feed features. But each upgrade allows for more links to be crawled and checked.

Multi-Engine Submission

Links are submitted not only to Google but also to Yandex and Bing, maximising the reach and effectiveness of your backlinks across various search engines.

High Indexation Rate

AddtoIndex claim to have an 80% indexation rate during the tests that they ran and we also noticed other reviewers had experienced 70% or higher.

During our own tests it came in as the latter, with around 70% of URLs successfully indexed. As impressive as that is, it trails behind premium tools such as Giga Indexer and Indexceptional.

Why Use AddToIndex?

Link indexing is essential for effective SEO. Without indexing, backlinks do not contribute to site authority or improve search engine rankings.

AddToIndex ensures that each submitted backlink is indexed, boosting the authority of your domain and enhancing overall visibility in search results. This makes AddToIndex an invaluable tool for those looking to optimize their link building strategies and improve their SEO outcomes.

How Does AddToIndex Compare to Other Index Tools?

We tested all of the different index tools out there, and here are some of the comparisons to AddtoIndex:

AddToIndex vs Google Index

While Google Index processes links organically over time, AddToIndex proactively submits links for indexing, significantly speeding up the process and ensuring higher link utility.

Not only that but Google Search Console’s platform can only be accessed on websites you have ownership of or permission to access. Therefore, you’ll need an index tool to crawl your backlink posts – this will speed up the process and help you rank quicker.

AddtoIndex vs Indexceptional

Comparing AddtoIndex and Indexceptional is like comparing a screwdriver to a high-powered drill, essentially, both do the same job, but Indexceptional is a high-tech tool sure to save you time and sweat, offering fast indexing and between 80-90% indexation rates.

Indexceptional is voted the top-rated index tool in SEO for a reason – they are the only company to offer a full refund.

Although not as cheap as AddtoIndex they provide better value overall, providing you with speed and efficiency.

AddtoIndex vs GigaIndexer

AddtoIndex cannot match the speed or successful indexation rate of Giga Indexer. Giga is a world-renowned service with lightning-fast speeds that can index within 24 hours.

Not only that, they are providing high indexation rates for all customers. AddtoIndex was recently voted 6th in our Top Index Tools, whereas GigaIndexer placed second, trailing behind Indexceptional.