UltimateIndexing Review

Indexing is a key part of a website and its capabilities. As obvious as that seems, there are many pages across big brands that never get spotted.

UltimateIndexing promises to help you get your pages indexed by Google with their fast, up-to-date, and efficient solutions for your web pages, backlinks, videos, and more.

In doing so, you could propel your business forward, making it more visible and appealing to a broader audience.

With plenty of different indexing tools now available, we cast our experienced eyes over this tool in our full UltimateIndexing review.

Hint, we have found an index tool that has it beaten for speed and price, but is UltimateIndexing still worth it?

UltimateIndexing.com Key Details

  • UltimateIndexing costs £0.05 per URL submitted
  • Reports are sent to show you the success of your indexation
  • UltimateIndexing claims to index between 80% and 90% of URLs that you submit
  • There are faster and better value index tools – with the likes of Indexceptional & GigaIndexer

What is UltimateIndexing?

UltimateIndexing is an indexing tool that helps you get your URLs crawled by Google, offering a more successful and faster indexing process for your web pages or backlinks.

UltimateIndexing is a service that facilitates rapid, reliable Google indexing of web pages, URLs, and backlinks.

UltimateIndexing operates on a flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing model. Users purchase credits, which can be used to submit URLs for indexing or check their existing index status. This approach at UltimateIndexing eliminates the need for expensive, long-term subscriptions, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of any size.

UltimateIndexing was put to the test as we compared it to Indexceptional and we were shocked at the gap between these two tools

How Does UltimateIndexing Work?

UltimateIndexing.com allows you to easily sign-up, purchase credits, and spend them over 30 days; simply submit your URLs and allow their tool to do the rest.

Once you have submitted URLs to the UltimateIndexing interface, you will receive reports of those pages and whether or not they will be successful in getting Google to index them. The reports from the index tool help you understand the efficacy of the service and whether you have managed to turn-around a successful indexation.

What is UltimateIndexing.com Used For?

An index tool such as UltimateIndexing is used to help you submit a page to Google for indexation; this is important for your website’s visibility and SEO signals.

Here are the main ways to utilise UltimateIndexing:

  • Get your backlinks crawled by Google. Often, backlinks can be missed, making them obsolete, but now you can ensure they’re crawled without hassle.
  • Get your own web pages indexed faster. If you’re having issues indexing or want your website indexed faster, you can use this tool.
  • If you have videos or social media supporting your website, then you will be able to get them indexed to help your SEO signals.

Key Features of UltimateIndexing

UltimateIndexing prides itself on its indexing speed, affordability, reliability, and insightful reports. Here’s a deeper look into what UltimateIndexing has to offer.

Rapid Google Indexing

UltimateIndexing ensures quick Google indexing of web pages, URLs, and backlinks, significantly enhancing site visibility and user engagement.

This feature accelerates the indexing process, allowing content to be crawled and indexed swiftly, which is crucial for timely SEO adjustments.

Rather than using Google Search Console or other tools and waiting months, Ultimate Indexing takes just days to index a large volume of different pages at once.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Pricing

UltimateIndexing is affordable, offering flexible pricing that will be tailored to your usage, ensuring that you get your money’s worth.

The service operates on a pay-as-you-go basis with no expensive subscriptions, making it affordable and flexible. Users can purchase credits as needed, which adds to the financial accessibility of the service. This model is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from those needing to index a few pages to those dealing with millions.

Some of the indexing tools are becoming expensive, and with the huge demand, the subscription prices are adding up.

Reliable and Transparent Reporting

UltimateIndexing provides detailed reports that confirm the successful indexing of submitted URLs. This level of transparency helps users track the effectiveness of their investment and offers concrete proof of the service’s impact on their website’s search engine performance.

You will get a report to scour over once they have done their job, showing you what URLs have been successfully indexed through the tool.

Reports are a huge plus for us. When using an SEO tool of any kind, we want stats and proof of the service, meaning a report of pages indexed is a massive benefit this tool has over others.

Scalability and Efficiency

The ability to handle large volumes of URLs quickly, often within days, makes UltimateIndexing highly scalable. This is particularly beneficial for large projects where traditional methods like Google Console or sitemaps may take much longer, thus enabling quicker returns on SEO efforts.

These organised sections highlight the primary features and benefits of UltimateIndexing, clarifying why it stands out as a top choice for webmasters looking to enhance their website’s indexing efficiency and overall search engine performance.

Our Test on the UltimateIndexing Tool

We don’t take an indexer’s word for it, as experienced industry SEO’s, we put UltimateIndexing to the test, and this is what we found:


UltimateIndexing.com charges £0.05 per URL that you submit and allows you to check its success. You can solely check if a URL has been indexed using UltimateIndexing for £0.005 with their flexible pricing with a pay-as-you-go tariff.

They offer a free trial per customer, but they ask you to review their service in doing so. There are no refunds available once you purchase Ultimate Indexing.

Minimum orders at UltimateIndexing cost you £10 for 200 credits, and this is how the pay-as-you go plan works:

  • 1 credit per 1 submission & check
  • 1 credit per 10 checks

Indexation Rate

UltimateIndexing claims to have an indexation rate of between 80% and 90%, which is a great success ratio, but after ranking them alongside top services, we found other more impressive index tools with higher indexation, including GigaIndexer and Indexceptional.

Speed of Indexing

Once submitted, your URL indexation at UltimateIndexing will begin within one working day and be indexed within days. You will receive a report seven days after your URLs have been indexed, talking you through the success or failures of your campaign.

When testing, they stuck within a week of submitting URLs, and reports came through a week later, but we have found faster indexers than UltimateIndexing.

How Does UltimateIndexing Index Web Pages and Backlinks?

UltimateIndexing employs a streamlined, efficient process to index web pages and backlinks, enhancing the visibility of content in Google’s search results. Initially, users upload the URLs they wish to have indexed or checked directly onto the UltimateIndexing platform. This user-friendly process is designed to accommodate both small and large volumes of URLs.

After uploading, users can choose to drip-feed the URLs over a period ranging from one to thirty days, depending on their specific needs and the volume of content. This drip-feeding method allows for a gradual, controlled release of URLs to Google, which can be particularly beneficial for large sites or when adding numerous backlinks to avoid any sudden spike in activity that might look suspicious to search engines.

UltimateIndexing then uses its proprietary technology to submit these URLs to Google. This technology is specifically designed to interact efficiently with Google’s systems to ensure that the content is crawled and indexed as quickly as possible. Once the submission process is complete, UltimateIndexing provides users with a comprehensive report that details which URLs have been successfully indexed. This transparency helps users measure the impact of their SEO efforts and confirms the effectiveness of UltimateIndexing’s approach.

What Are the Benefits of Using UltimateIndexing for SEO?

Rapidly indexing your website pages or backlinks can be hugely beneficial to your SEO and the general visibility of your brand.

Here are some of the reasons UltimateIndexing can be useful for SEO:

  • Rapid Indexation: UltimateIndexing reduces the time it takes for new content, web pages, and backlinks to be indexed by Google. This rapid indexation helps websites become more visible in search engine results sooner, which is crucial for timely content strategies and SEO adjustments.
  • Increased Traffic: By ensuring that all content, including deep links and new pages, is indexed quickly, UltimateIndexing boosts the overall visibility of a website on search engines. This increased visibility can lead to higher traffic, improved engagement, and better conversion rates.
  • Get Backlinks Seen: It’s not unusual to secure a valuable backlink, only for it to be completely overlooked and useless – but that’s when index tools can play a pivotal role in working alongside your SEO tactics.
  • Social Media to Support: Recent changes at Google have put emphasis on off-page factors in SEO such as social media traffic. A great way to support your pages is to ensure social media links link to your web pages too. Get them indexed to ensure they’re playing a part in your campaign.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: UltimateIndexing accommodates a wide range of needs, from indexing a small number of pages to handling millions of URLs. Its pay-as-you-go model allows users to scale their use of the service according to their specific requirements, providing flexibility without the commitment to expensive subscriptions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The service’s pricing structure is designed to be economical, charging only per URL submitted or checked. This makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes and ensures that users only pay for what they need, making it a cost-effective solution for managing SEO.

Comparing UltimateIndexing: These Tools Have it Beat

We have directly compared UltimateIndexing to other top tools in the industry. Here are some of the comparisons between UltimateIndexing and other leading index tools, some of which have it beat for value and speed:

UltimateIndexing vs Google Search Console

You cannot use Google Search Console to index if you aren’t the webmaster, making index tools such as UltimateIndexing or some of the more reputable index tools such as Indexceptional are the perfect solution for your backlink campaign.

UltimateIndexing trumps the traditional indexing tool at Google – indexing faster and more efficiently. Not only that, but you will also get a report with successful indexing attempts.

UltimateIndexing vs GigaIndexer

GIGA Indexer is for those who’d prefer a faster and more reliable indexer, there’s a reason it was voted second on our overall best indexer list. Giga is miles ahead of UltimateIndexing, offering friendly customer support and overall better efficacy that make it worth every penny.

UltimateIndexing isn’t as fast or as good value as GigaIndexer. Although UltimateIndexing and GigaIndexer essentially do the same job, our tests showed that GigaIndex is faster, gets the first GoogleBot to the URL, offers better value, and comes with guarantees. It’s a no-brainer when comparing the two index tools – Giga Indexer is far superior.

Read our guide on GigaIndexer.com for a complete breakdown of what they have to offer.

UltimateIndexing vs. Indexceptional

Comparing UltimateIndexing to Indexceptional is like comparing a Fiesta to a Ferrari. Indexceptional is a lot better than UltimateIndexing for indexing URLs, with faster speeds, a smoother process, and premium service all-around.

While UltimateIndexing may be less expensive than most, the best value indexer is Indexceptional because it offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Indexceptional ranked the number one index tool, scoring high for the time it takes for the first GoogleBot, indexation rates, value, customer service, and guarantees. Excelling in all tests puts this service top of the tree – showcasing it’s sheer power over other index tools.

UltimateIndexing.com couldn’t match the speeds or value we found when running a side-by-side test of their software with Indexceptional.

How Do I Choose an Indexer?

There are numerous factors that we take into consideration when picking our indexer, including the speed of indexation, the price, the success rate, and the volume.

Speed of Indexing

When we mention 1st GoogleBot, this means how long it takes to start the process of getting the Google crawlers to your URL, essentially signifying how fast an indexation tool is. When it comes to using an indexer, speed is a huge factor in ensuring efficiency and streamlining your process.

The speed of indexing and attracting the first GoogleBot is a huge factor for us when looking at index tools.

Cost & Suitable Pricing Plan

Are you getting good value for money on your index tool? We also check that the plan suits you, tools such as UltimateIndexing have a flexible pricing plan.

Volume of Indexing

We pick index tools that can facilitate lots of volume. Check to see your allowance in the subscription and if that suits you,. Not everybody needs hundreds of indexed pages but if you do, you’ll want to check that the index tool has the capacity.

Indexation Rate

How successful an indexer is determines if we choose it. Read up on reviews or find statistics on indexation success before picking your indexing tool.


Is UltimateIndexing the Best Index Tool?

UltimateIndexing isn’t the best index tool; in fact, it just missed out on the top 10 indexers for SEO.

The best indexer overall is Indexceptional after winning across six types of tests. Giga Indexer trails just behind Indexceptional as the second best index tool when considering value, speed and customer service.

Who Should Use UltimateIndexing?

UltimateIndexing is ideal for all websites and brands – whether you are using it for your website, your backlinks, or videos, being able to index quickly is an advantage for all.

UltimateIndexing is ideal for both beginners and experts in SEO, helping you gain visibility and saving you time on processes.