LinkIndexingExpert Review

Website owners, freelancers, and SEO agencies could all benefit from link indexing tools such as LinkIndexingExpert.

LinkIndexingExpert aims to improve your ranking, get your site or backlinks crawled and help you save time. With that in mind, we ran tests on LinkIndexingExpert and included them in our thorough Index Took Comparison.

Read on for everything you need to know about and our tests. We looked at how it works, their features, and we also found a couple of index tools that outperformed them.

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the key details on LinkIndexingExpert and our findings:

  • They are fairly expensive, at $0.18 per link
  • There are three different packages to choose from
  • It can take up to seven days for indexation
  • It doesn’t compare to top services such as Indexceptional and GigaIndexer

What is LinkIndexingExpert?

LinkIndexingExpert is a specialised SEO tool designed to accelerate the indexing of web pages and backlinks, ensuring they are quickly recognised and processed by search engines.

Tailored for SEO professionals and digital marketers, this LinkIndexingExpert service focuses on delivering rapid enhancements in online visibility and search performance. LinkIndexingExpert distinguishes itself with targeted solutions that address specific indexing challenges, providing almost immediate improvements in search rankings.

Is LinkIndexingExpert worth it? We’re afraid to say that they couldn’t match two of the top performing indexers that impressed us, more on that shortly…

How Does LinkIndexingExpert Work?

LinkIndexingExpert is easy to use, you start by submitting the URL that you wish to be crawled, and the rest is done by their service.

LinkIndexingExpert tool then gets your web pages or backlinks crawled with speed – sticking to Google’s latest guidelines. Once completed, you will be notified and will find out if your indexation was successful.

It’s that simple, and hopefully Link Indexing Expert can assist you in getting your backlinks or web pages seen and crawled by Google.

An Overview of Link Indexing Expert encourages you to use their tool for PBNs, backlinks, and web 2.0. Here are some of the things you should know about LinkIndexingExpert:

Cost of the Indexing Tool

Link Indexing Expert is one of the more expensive indexing tools, costing you £0.18 per link that you submit on their premium package.

Let’s take a closer look at the indexing rates at LinkIndexingExpert:

  • Premium: $0.18 per link submitted
  • Normal: $0.07 per link submitted
  • Reseller: $0.05 per link submitted

The reseller package is the best value, but the minimum order is 100 links at a time. They do offer free trials for new customers and, therefore, do not offer refunds.

Ease of Use

It’s not the easiest software to use, but with LinkIndexingExpert, there are simpler tools out there. With that said, all indexing tools make the process a little bit easier, simply submit your URLs and let them do their work.

Speed of Indexing

Link Indexing Expert does offer fast indexing, with links being crawled between 24 hours and 7 days.

Indexation Rate

It has an indexation rate of between 70 and 100 percent, which puts it up there alongside some of the best indexing tools on the market.

Key Features of LinkIndexingExpert

Here are the features of LinkIndexingExpert’s tool, including its fast indexation, technology, and reports.

Rapid Indexation Turnaround

LinkIndexingExpert is known for its fast results, typically delivering significant indexation within 24 hours to seven days of submission.

They’re one of the fastest link crawling companies, with times as fast as one day,, but when it comes to consistently delivering speedy indexing, we found that Indexceptional was the best choice.

Adaptive Indexing Technology

LinkIndexingExpert uses adaptive technology that updates in accordance with the latest search engine algorithms, enhancing its effectiveness and securing its long-term applicability.

Comprehensive Reporting

LinkIndexingExpert offers detailed reports that not only confirm successful indexation but also provide insights into the SEO performance of the indexed links, aiding strategic decision-making.

Why Use LinkIndexingExpert?

If you wish to get your brand or website seen, then you need your pages and backlinks to be indexed in order to be seen.

Here are some of the reasons to use an index tool such as Link Indexing Expert:

  • Get all of your backlinks from guest posts and other types of profiles crawled to ensure they have a positive impact on your search rankings.
  • If there are any pages on your website that Google isn’t ranking, then simply use an expert such as LinkIndexingExpert to submit your URLs.
  • For faster indexing results, tools like this one can be imperative, allowing a fast turn-around, and giving you faster visibility.

How Does LinkIndexingExpert Compare to Other Index Tools?

LinkIndexingExpert isn’t the only index tool, but how does it compare to some of the industry leaders?

LinkIndexingExpert vs Google Index

While Google Index offers comprehensive indexing as part of Google’s native tools, LinkIndexingExpert provides quicker, more targeted results, making it more suitable for users who need immediate action and specific outcomes.

Although Google Search Console has the option for you to request indexing, you cannot do this for your backlinks, whereas other index tools can request a crawl on your linking campaign.

LinkIndexingExpert vs GigaIndexer

GIGA Indexer is far superior to LinkIndexingExpert, which is why it was voted number two on the list of best indexing tools, 12 places ahead of Link Indexing Expert.

It’s no contest, GIGA excels over LinkIndexingExpert due to its speed and high indexation rates. For those looking to use it for a large volume of links, you are better off using Giga Indexer, which provides seamless performance.

Find out why GigaIndexer is being talked about by major SEO influencers online in our review of

LinkIndexingExpert vs Indexceptional

Imagine racing a horse and a Ferrari; that’s the power difference between LinkIndexingExpert and Indexceptional (voted #1). Indexceptional is a powerful indexation tool with a super-fast turnaround time and a huge success rate of 80% or higher making your job simple, so that you can go back to continuing your other tasks while their team take care of your backlink visibility.

Indexceptional is a superior service, beating Link Indexing Expert across all five tests that we ran, lagged behind the elite tool on attracting the first Google crawl and was beaten on value, guarantees, customer service, and indexation rate per link.

Although LinkIndexingExpert is a cheap service, you’re able to gain more value through Indexceptional due to the success rate and their 100% money-back guarantee.

Find out more with our Indexceptional review of how it performed during our tests.


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