PageIndexer Review

PageIndexer boasts the capability to help your site or backlinks be crawled faster and more efficiently, leading to better visibility of your brand and better search rankings.

We put PageIndexer to the test, submitting some of our own URLs and judging its performance by speed, customer service, indexation rate, and guarantees.

Read our full PageIndexer review and find out why it’s recently fallen to 13th on our website index tool guide.

Key Takeaways from PageIndexer

There’s little information on PageIndexer’s tool, and that’s why we decided to run it through our rigorous testing. It’s a competent service, but it’s not as thorough, fast, or successful as the likes of GigaIndexer, Indexceptional, or other top tools.

Here are things you should know about PageIndexer:

  • Easy to use with a simple interface and fully automated links
  • You can submit a large volume of URLs
  • Doesn’t meet premium tool standards such as Indexceptional

What is PageIndexer?

PageIndexer is a powerful SEO tool designed to accelerate the indexing of web pages and backlinks, ensuring they are quickly recognised and listed by search engines.

Targeted at digital marketers and SEO experts, PageIndexer aims to enhance online visibility and drive traffic by speeding up the indexation process. The tool boasts high effectiveness rates, demonstrating significant impacts shortly after implementation, which can be crucial for time-sensitive SEO campaigns.

It’s not on the same level as Indexceptional or even better value premium tools such as GigaIndexer

How Does PageIndexer Work?

Users start by submitting their URLs to the PageIndexer platform. The tool uses advanced, safe indexing methods to process these URLs promptly. The effectiveness of the process is notable, with a substantial proportion of URLs indexed within just a few days, ensuring rapid improvements in search engine result placements.

Key Features of PageIndexer

Here are the features of the PageIndexer software, including its speedy indexation and success rate.

All in One

PageIndexer combines a link indexer, an index checker, and a SERP tracker, offering you the chance to capitalise on several SEO software.

The SERP tracker provides insights on top-ranking articles in your niche, helping you pick out keywords and analyse other competition.

Easy to Use

PageIndexer is easy to use, with one of the best interfaces we have seen for an index tool, allowing you to easily automate all of your links at once with the sitemap scanner.


PageIndexer’s pricing is among some of the best on the market for indexing a URL, it costs £0.03 per backlink that’s indexed.

To check a backlink’s status, it costs £0.09. There’s no refund available at

Quick Indexation

Self proclaimed fast times at PageIndexer are beaten by competitors, with PageIndexer taking between 3 and 10 working days to get your URLs picked up by Google or other search engines.

PageIndexer is known for its fast results, typically showing a significant indexation impact within the first few days of submission.

The PageIndexer tool speeds up your pages being indexed, allowing you to become visible on Google faster.

High Effectiveness Rate

Although PageIndexer boasts high indexation, they failed to state exactly how successful it is, and during our testing process, we noticed that it trails behind premium tools such as GIGA and Indexceptional in efficacy.

Compliance with Google’s Guidelines

PageIndexer adheres strictly to Google-approved indexing methods, which helps maintain the health and integrity of your website while boosting its search engine rankings.

Why Use PageIndexer?

Index tools such as PageIndexer are important to get your web crawled faster with a streamline process that also allows you to get your backlinks crawled and noticed by search engines.

PageIndexer is particularly useful for businesses and SEO professionals looking to quickly boost their website’s search engine visibility.

Its efficiency in handling rapid indexation makes it an essential tool for those dealing with large volumes of content or requiring immediate results from their SEO strategies. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and detailed reporting allow for easy monitoring and management of the indexing process.

How Does PageIndexer Compare to Other Index Tools?

We have tested PageIndexer side-by-side with other big indexing tools such as Google, GigaIndexer and Indexceptional.

PageIndexer vs Google Index

Google Search Console allows you to effortlessly request an index on a URL that you own free of charge but the result is dependent on your website. Whereas PageIndexer is a fast and proven technique to get your website crawled faster.

While Google Index provides a comprehensive set of tools integrated into the Google ecosystem, PageIndexer offers faster and more targeted results, making it better suited for users needing quick action and specific outcomes.

Google indexing will not allow you to crawl or request an index of a page outside of your website, making index tools such as PageIndexer important for your backlink profile.

PageIndexer vs GigaIndexer

There’s no comparison, Giga Indexer is a powerful indexing tool that is faster, more efficient and more successful than PageIndexer in every department saving you time and money in the long-run.

Giga Indexer is known for indexing your backlinks, such as niche edits and guest posts, within 24 hours and also provides the best value for money, beating PageIndexer in just about every way.

GigaIndexer’s review tells you everything you need to know about this powerful tool.

PageIndexer vs Indexceptional

Indexceptional is for those serious about their SEO, beating PageIndexer at every turn essentially saving your time and getting your backlinks active within days. Indexceptional is a powerhouse indexer that outperformed PageIndexer with ease, showcasing lightning-fast indexing speeds, a streamlined process, and 90% indexation rates during our tests.

Indexceptional is the best index tool with fast indexation, a high efficacy rate, and easy-to-use software, beating the likes of PageIndexer across all tests.

PageIndexer is a great tool, but it can’t compete with elite services, and to top it off, Indexceptional still provides the best value for money with a 100% money-back guarantee. We reviewed Indexceptional for backlink indexing and reported some of our findings during rigorous testing.


Is PageIndexer a Good Index Tool?

PageIndexer is a great index tool that can speed up your pages being indexed, essentially helping you rank faster.

But there are better indexing tools when taking the indexation rate and pricing into consideration with Indexceptional being recognised as one of the best indexing tools.