Index Inject Review

When looking to improve your site’s SEO, it is important to build backlinks, but it’s pointless to do so if they’re not seen by Google.

If your links aren’t being picked up by Google, then they’re useless, but don’t worry, you are not alone.

The best way to get your links crawled is to choose one of the top indexing tools, IndexInject made it to number 9 on the list.

Read on for more details on this particular indexer with our full Index Inject review and how it lines up against some of the best tools in the industry.

What You Should Know

Here are some of the things you should know, after our rigorous testing:

  • Voted 9th in our test of all index tools
  • It does not meet the standards of top tools such as Indexceptional
  • Multi-step and transparent process at Index Inject

What is Index Inject?

Index Inject is a dynamic backlink indexer and link crawling service designed to enhance the visibility of your links in search engine results.

This tool is tailored for SEO professionals, internet marketers, and small to large businesses aiming to optimise their SEO campaigns without the hassle of manual intervention. Index Inject uses multiple, updated methods to ensure links are not only crawled but also indexed, providing a comprehensive solution in the evolving landscape of SEO.

IndexInject is up there with some of the best tools but when comparing them directly to Indexceptional they were beaten in all areas.

How Does Index Inject Work?

Index Inject simplifies the process of link indexing with its fully web-based interface, where users can create projects easily.

The service employs a multi-step crawling and indexing process that handles everything from link submission to final indexing, over a period of 10–14 days. This method involves continuous testing and tweaking to adapt to the latest search engine changes, ensuring effective and up-to-date indexing strategies.

Here are some of the techniques within the Index Inject process:

  • Ping all links over to Google to let them know they exist
  • They go the extra mile and create sitemaps, RSS feeds and link shorteners for an extra prompt
  • Social signals, link pushing and other special tactics from Index Inject are used
  • They keep pushing the links to tirelessly attempt to get all links crawled

Key Features of Index Inject

Find all of the features that Index Inject offers with our full guide.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

The web-based system at Index Inject is straightforward, allowing users to start projects quickly and with minimal setup, making it suitable for all levels of technical expertise.

You can also schedule your projects rather than submitting your links all at once. This gives you ultimate control over your Index Inject indexing.

Multi-Step Indexing Process

Index Inject’s robust, multi-step process ensures thorough crawling and indexing of links, increasing the likelihood of search engine visibility.

No Extra Tools Required

Users do not need proxies, captcha solvers, or VPS to use the service, as all the heavy lifting is done on Index Inject’s end.

Why Use Index Inject?

Index Inject is ideal for anyone looking to boost their SEO efforts with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Get Your Backlinks Seen

When creating a backlink campaign, it’s key for your guest posts and other types of links to be crawled by Google in order to be effective.

Use Index Inject for your backlink placements to give them a better chance of being indexed and working as an SEO signal for your site.

Stay Up-to-Date

It’s no secret that Google is constantly evolving and making changes – this affects all of us, but they stay on top of the latest techniques and changes to ensure we make safe indexing practices.

Indexation Rate

The indexation rate at Index Inject is known to be high but they don’t state their figures. During our tests, we set them a difficult test with “hard-to-crawl links,” and they came back with an impressive 62% index rate.

How Does Index Inject Compare to Other Index Tools?

There are several top indexing tools, let’s see how Index Inject compares to other indexing tools.

Index Inject vs Google Index

Google Search Console allows you to fetch and render your own links in a way to prompt Google and let them know your pages exist.

While Google Index automatically processes links over time, Index Inject speeds up this process with guaranteed attempts at crawling and indexing, making it a more proactive choice for immediate SEO needs.

Something Google cannot do is request an index on sites that do not belong to you. That’s where index tools come in handy, use them for your backlink campaign and social signals.

Index Inject vs Indexceptional

Indexceptional has Index Inject beaten on speed, efficacy and they even offer you a money-back guarantee. Although Index Inject is cheaper, you save time and money from the value of Indexceptional’s high indexation rate and the GoogleBot crawling times; this pays you back in time, giving you the chance to concentrate on the hundred other tasks on your to-do list.

Indexceptional was voted the #1 best indexer tool, placing it head and shoulders above Index Inject in just about every aspect, we didn’t think there’d be such a gap going into these tests, but we were proven wrong.

If you’re yet to pick an index tool, you’re just in time to capitalise on the high-tech software from Indexceptional with cutting-edge technology for enterprising companies to streamline processes with the resource that came out top on our testing for 1st GoogleBot crawl, speed of indexation, guarantees, customer support and indexation success.

Index Inject is a competent tool, but it isn’t close to Indexceptional. Find more details in our review of Indexceptional.

Index Inject vs GigaIndexer

Giga Indexer outperformed Index Inject across the board, easily showcasing more powerful software with a faster crawl and a higher success rate, sure to save you hassle in your backlink efforts.

Giga is celebrated for its 80% indexation rate and also boasts one of the quickest first GoogleBot visits, showcasing the speed of their indexation that is still a mile ahead of what we’ve seen from Index Inject.

If you are looking to improve your search visibility with a streamline process, better efficiency, thanks to their huge indexation success per link, then you’ll want to read about the Giga Indexer test we recently performed.

Index Inject vs Linkdexing

Linkdexing boasts a manual process that feels more personalised and is a fantastic ideology, but when comparing the two by results – Index Inject and Linkdexing are difficult to separate, with neither being able to compete with what Indexceptional are currently offering.

Linkdexing offers slightly faster and more successful indexation rates, which puts it above Index Inject, but there are also customers who rave about Index Inject and the ease of the process.


Is Index Inject Worth It?

Index Inject is a competent indexer which can help speed up the process of your backlink campaign and ultimately help you rank your website quicker.

Though, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll get more value and a premium service when opting for the top tools such as Giga Indexer and Indexceptional.

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