SmartIndexer Review

SmartIndexer enhances website visibility, streamlines content management, and accelerates business growth through efficient indexing of web pages and backlinks.

But how did they fare in our test? We compared this index tool to the best in the industry, and it missed out on our top 10 best index tools list.

By optimising how search engines index your pages, SmartIndexer not only boosts your website’s performance but also broadens the reach of your content to a global audience.

Boasting affordable prices that allow you to select the number of links you can index a month and a 50%–99% effectiveness, we decided to put them to the test in our full SmartIndexer review.

Key Details About SmartIndexer

  • Effectivity of 50% indexation rates by day 2
  • Indexation rate between 50% and 99%
  • Subscription based (plans valid for 30 days)
  • Couldn’t meet the standards set by industry-leaders such as Indexceptional
  • Self proclaimed 100% white hat with safe indexing methods

What is SmartIndexer?

SmartIndexer is an advanced SEO tool designed to accelerate the indexation of web pages and backlinks on Google.

SmartIndexer primarily targets digital marketers and SEO professionals who seek quick improvements in search engine visibility. The tool claims effectiveness rates between 50% and 99%, providing real impact after just one day of use and achieving full effects within seven days.

When using SmartIndexer, your site’s visibility is likely to improve, and you’ll enjoy faster results thanks to their fast and safe-to-use indexing methods.

How Does SmartIndexer Work?

SmartIndexer works by you signing up, submitting your URLs, and then simply sitting back and allowing their team to do the rest; they will be able to work their magic on getting your URLs crawled.

The aim of SmartIndexer is to get your URLs picked up by Google, Yandex, or Bing faster and more efficiently in the safest way possible.

Key Features of SmartIndexer

SmartIndexer is among the best index tools for SEO, and here’s why:

Fast Indexation Results

SmartIndexer boasts quick results, with indexation improving in effectiveness each day, for the first five days. Here’s the effectiveness of indexation at SmartIndexer over the first five days:

  • Day 1: 1%
  • Day 2: 50%
  • Day 3: 70%
  • Day 4: 80%
  • Day 5: Over 95%

Despite their exciting results for fast indexation our test revealed some interesting insights. It was outperformed by a handful of indexing tools, including the Indexceptional index tool and GIGA Indexer. You can find out more about our tests further in this article.

High Effectiveness Rates

The service boasts a high effectiveness rate, ranging from 50% to 99% success in indexing submissions, ensuring reliable performance.

Being able to get up to a 99% indexation rate is seriously impressive, but the downside is that they have a huge range in how effective their indexing is, with the lowest being 50% on average.

Safe and Approved Methods

SmartIndexer uses indexing techniques that are safe and comply with Google’s guidelines, promoting a healthy SEO environment for your website.

We couldn’t find any more information on their techniques and white-hat approach, but their brand ensures that they only use up-to-date and safe methods at SmartIndex.

Why Use SmartIndexer?

Here are some of the reasons to use SmartIndexer:

  • Get your web pages seen and increase your website’s visibility with fast and effective crawling for your URLs
  • If you have a page that is struggling to be picked up by Google or another search engine, then use these experts to do their best to getting it successfully crawled and indexed
  • You don’t have access to Google Search Console for other websites. Use SmartIndexer to crawl your backlinks and help improve your search rankings.

SmartIndexer Were Beaten in our Index Comparison

Let’s take a look at how SmartIndexer compares to some of the best index tools.

SmartIndexer vs Google Search Console

While Google Index offers comprehensive indexing capabilities as part of Google’s native tools, SmartIndexer provides faster results, often achieving significant indexation within days, and it also has the capability of crawling backlink placements.

However, Google Index does not require payment and integrates seamlessly with other Google services, making it a more suitable option for those with limited budgets who can afford to wait for organic indexing.

SmartIndexer vs GigaIndexer

GigaIndexer is a much better option than SmartIndexer, boasting faster index turnarounds and a higher indexation rate. The difference in quality is there to be seen, Giga provides premium tools and an easy-to-use interface.

A higher indexation rate and a faster turnaround at GIGA Indexer make it a superior service. GIGA was voted the second-best index tool in our full guide of top indexers for SEO.

Compared to SmartIndexer, GigaIndexer boasts a higher indexation rate, often reaching closer to 80% plus effectiveness for all submitted links.

GigaIndexer’s robust performance in indexing a wide range of links, including those from domains that typically present challenges, makes it a preferred choice for businesses looking for a more comprehensive indexing solution.

Find out more with GigaIndexer’s review as we delve into all of the latest tests that we ran and their new features.

SmartIndexer vs Indexceptional

It’s not even close; Indexceptional trumps SmartIndexer in every department, boasting better value, faster indexing, and more successful indexation rates. Indexceptional was voted the #1 indexer for a reason, showcasing a smooth service from start to finish.

Our rigorous testing revealed how the far-advanced Indexceptional compares to other index tools – and that’s why they’re the only ones offering a 100% refund for unsatisfied customers.

Indexceptional outperforms SmartIndexer in terms of both speed and affordability. With its ability to process large volumes of URLs more quickly and at a lower cost, Indexceptional is particularly effective for businesses that need to manage extensive SEO campaigns on a budget.

Find out more with our tests on the Indexceptional indexing tool which reveal some of the key differences between them and regular brands.

Although we were satisfied with the performance of SmartIndexer, it’s clear in this day and age that their are better indexing options out there.


Is SmartIndexer the Best Index Tool?

There’s no doubt that SmartIndexer is a compatible tool, but in a competitive industry, they failed to make it into our top-rated index tools.

The best index tools for SEO are Giga Indexer and Indexceptional offering all-round value and high indexation rates.

Who Can Use SmartIndexer?

SmartIndexer can be used by beginners or experts; anybody with a website will want quick and efficient indexing for their pages, backlinks, videos, and other off-page branding.