Highest Web Page Indexation Strategies

Giving your website the best chance of being indexed is pivotal for gaining traffic and securing leads.

If your web page or backlink hasn’t been indexed, then it’s a waste of time and money.

There’s nothing more painful than spending time on a helpful page only for it to be completely missed. Luckily, you can imply these strategies for a good chance of getting your site crawled.

Key Takeaways

  • Submit an XML site map to Google
  • Ensure high quality content and internal links
  • Use indexers with high success rates, such as Indexceptional
  • Submit new URLs directly to Search Console

Ways to Improve Indexation Rates

There are plenty of actions you can take to improve the indexation rate of your website, including the site map, content quality, and getting backlinks.

Submit XML Site Maps

Submitting an XML site map improves your chances of getting new pages indexed quickly, it gives Google a map of your site, making it easier for them to crawl your pages.

This gives them the chance to prioritise the most important pages, and it also helps your site communicate with search engines.

You can update and submit your sitemap regularly via your Google Search Console account.

Enhance Content Quality

Thin pages with low quality content have been massively impacted and are now being deindexed, making them disappear from Google’s search engine.

Low quality sites, known as thin content, are not only being disregarded, but they could impact all of your web pages.

Google will not spend their crawl budget on a site with lots of pages with low quality content. Update existing content, be sure to answer the query, and make sure it’s easy to navigate to relevant pages.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are still an important aspect of SEO, and by building these backlinks, there’s a greater chance of increasing your authority and ensuring that your pages are crawled.

Websites with a high ranking are often indexed swiftly without the need of indexing tools or to request an index via Google.

Build backlinks and power up your website. Although your website will be indexed faster, you may need a backlink indexer to make sure Google is aware of the high quality links that you have built.

Fix SEO Structure

To improve your chances of both ranking highly and ensuring that your pages are indexed, you’ll want to ensure good SEO practices such as meta titles, target keywords, site speed and ensuring there are no 404 errors.

These SEO processes should be part of your strategy and will help your site get indexed faster and more successfully.

Increase the chance of getting your pages crawled with the following SEO structures:

  • Be sure to add meta descriptions, titles and keywords
  • Internally link to and from pages to make search engines aware of their existence and relevance
  • Be sure to have a high site speed score
  • Improve the user experience and navigation of the site
  • Combat any 404 errors on the site and make other technical SEO fixes

High Indexation Rate Tools

You’ll have a better chance of getting your pages indexed by using indexing tools, but you will want to make sure you pick one with a high indexation rate, such as Indexceptional or GigaIndexer.

Here are some of the indexing tools with the highest success rate:


Indexceptional stands out for its exceptional speed and efficiency in indexing URLs.

Renowned for its high indexation rate of 80–90%, this tool guarantees that your content is quickly recognised and ranked by search engines.

Its user-friendly interface and detailed analytics enhance its appeal, making it a top choice for those needing reliable and rapid results in their SEO efforts.

Find Indexceptional’s guide with our review and test of the software.

Giga Indexer

Giga Indexer is a world-renowned service that’s one of the fastest indexers, and it also comes with a high indexation rate of 80%.

Giga Indexer is celebrated for its robust performance and versatility in handling a variety of link types. With a focus on delivering fast and thorough indexing solutions, Giga Indexer ensures comprehensive coverage and enhances the SEO value of your links.

It’s particularly beneficial for users who require a broad and effective indexing reach across multiple content platforms.

Find out more with the review of Giga Indexer in May 2024.


IndexMeNow offers an intuitive platform that excels in rapid and accurate backlink indexing. Although it doesn’t boast a successful index rate that matches our top two choices, you can still enjoy higher indexation rates by using these over the native Google tools.

This tool is designed to improve the visibility and SEO performance of your website efficiently. With its capability to handle large-scale indexing tasks, IndexMeNow is ideal for bloggers and digital marketers who need quick visibility enhancements and detailed indexing reports.

Use the IndexMeNow review for more details on their success rate and our tests.


OmegaIndexer provides advanced indexing solutions that cater to a diverse range of backlink profiles. Known for its precision and reliability, OmegaIndexer ensures that your backlinks are promptly indexed, thereby boosting your site’s SEO strength and online presence. It supports effective backlink strategies with features that facilitate the management and tracking of links across various web platforms.

These tools are designed to address the critical need for timely and efficient indexing, ensuring that your content does not just exist but thrives in the competitive digital landscape. Each offers unique strengths, making them valuable assets for any SEO strategy focused on improving site visibility and search engine rankings.

Check out more in our OmegaIndexer review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high indexation rate?

A high indexation rate refers to the percentage of submitted URLs that a search engine successfully includes in its index after being processed by an indexing tool or service.

Essentially, it measures the effectiveness of an indexing tool in ensuring that URLs are recognised and catalogued by search engines. A high indexation rate indicates efficient SEO performance, leading to enhanced online visibility and potentially higher search rankings for the indexed content.

Tools boasting high indexation rates are particularly valuable in SEO strategies, as they effectively bridge the gap between content creation and search engine recognition, ensuring that the majority of submitted links contribute positively to the site’s SEO.

Who needs indexing tools?

Indexing tools with a high success rate provide value for money and also get your site or backlinks seen quickly. You can get your URLs processed and indexed with speedy tools.

Indexing tools are perfect to get your website seen, get your backlinks crawled or get those hard-to-crawl pages that Google hasn’t picked up.

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