Indexsor Review

To ensure that your backlink campaign is money well spent, you need to be sure that it’s being picked up and indexed.

The problem is, you’re not able to request an index from Google on site’s you do not own or have permission for, and that’s where indexing sites such as Indexsor come in.

We have analysed this particular indexing tool in our full Indexsor review but found out what caught our eye and a couple of indexers that had this service beaten in more ways than one when we tested the best 2024 indexing services for SEO.

Key Takeaways

  • Indexsor has one of the highest indexation success rates with 80-90%
  • You’re locked into a monthly subscription
  • It’s expensive, but better value can be enjoyed at GigaIndexer
  • Better all-round services are offered using the likes of Indexceptional

What is Indexsor? brands itself as a “Premium Backlink Indexer” that focuses on indexing website links and backlinks on Google.

You can ensure that all your backlinks are recognised by Google and other search engines with this expert tool that simplifies the process for you.

But there are better indexing options out there, and our team spent time and a process testing each one out—Indexsor made it to #19 on our list.

With a 100% credit-back guarantee, a payment model with different options, and a self-proclaimed high indexation rate, our team took notice and tried it for ourselves.

Indexsor was tested alongside multiple other indexers as we tried to find the best tools and it couldn’t match the one indexing service that everyone has recently been talking about

How Does Indexsor Work?

Indexsor simplifies the process of getting backlinks indexed:

  1. Submission: Users submit their backlinks to the Indexsor platform.
  2. Indexing Process: Indexsor attempts to index the submitted links, using what they claim to be a safe, WhiteHat method.
  3. Monitoring and Reporting: The platform automatically checks if the links are indexed and updates campaign data in real-time, providing users with detailed reports.
  4. Credit Refund: For any links that fail to be indexed, Indexsor refunds the credits to the user’s account, ensuring that you only pay for successful indexing.

Key Features of Indexsor

Here are the main features on offer at Indexsor:

High Indexing Ratio

Indexsor boasts a success rate of 80-90% for indexing backlinks, a notably high figure in the SEO industry. This demonstrates its efficiency in ensuring that the majority of submitted links achieve visibility in search engine results.

Inbuilt Index Checker

The platform includes an automatic index checker that evaluates the indexing status of links daily. This feature ensures that users are consistently updated on the progress of their submissions, enabling timely adjustments to strategies.

100% Credit Refund

Indexsor stands out with its commitment to cost-effectiveness by offering a 100% credit refund for any links that fail to be indexed. This policy ensures that users only pay for results, minimizing the financial risks associated with SEO investments.

Real-Time Data Updates and Comprehensive Campaign Reports

Indexsor provides real-time updates on all campaigns, accompanied by detailed reports. These reports offer in-depth insights into the indexing process, giving users a clear understanding of their campaign’s effectiveness and the overall health of their SEO efforts.

Comparing Indexsor with Other Brands

We used our tests to compare Indexsor to some of the other indexing tools on the market.

Indexsor vs Indexceptional

Streamlining your indexing process is made effortless with the acclaimed Indexceptional – when put side-by-side with Indexsor there’s no comparison.

Indexceptional’s approach to indexing can be likened to a high-speed train, consistently delivering rapid and reliable service, in contrast to Indexsor’s dependable yet slower regional train service. This makes Indexceptional a preferred choice for those who need quicker results aligned with dynamic SEO strategies.

While Indexsor offers an impressive 80–90% indexing success rate, Indexceptional takes it a step further by not only matching this high success rate but also providing faster indexing times and a broader scope of services.

We tested both products and the differences were clear from the outset, the main tests dominated by Indexceptional were the speed of delivery (24-48 hours) and the consistent indexation rate of 90% through their cutting-edge techniques.

Find more with our full test and review of Indexceptional.

Indexsor vs GigaIndexer

Giga Indexer is a world-renowned indexer that not only offers fast turn around times but also has a super-high indexation rate of 80% plus.

Although Indexsor also sports a good indexation rate, when considering the overall package, Giga is far superior, outperforming many of their competitors in our 2024 test.

For those searching for an speedy and huge indexation rate, take a look at the GigaIndexer tool.

Indexsor vs Google

Google’s native indexing is a natural, organic process that can take significant time, which might not align with the urgent needs of fast-paced online marketing strategies. In contrast, Indexsor, like many third-party indexing services, offers a more controlled and accelerated process. However, for those looking for the utmost efficiency, services like Indexceptional and GigaIndexer provide an even faster and more reliable solution, acting like an express service that quickly moves new content into the spotlight of search engine results.

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