IndexMeNow Review

IndexMeNow is a quality indexing tool that’s ideal for crawling your backlinks and ensuring that they’ve been picked up.

Backlinks are a crucial component of SEO; however, if they’re not recognised by Google, they become irrelevant and a waste of resources.

We analysed this index tool in our complete IndexMeNow review, looking at how it works and whether the service justifies being the most expensive indexer on the market.

We also found two premium index tools that beat this indexer for speed, quality, and indexation rates, read on for everything you should know.

What is IndexMeNow?

IndexMeNow is a well-known backlink indexer that can speed up your indexing process for backlinks, pages on your site, social media, and other pages.

Indexing tools are becoming popular due to Google de-indexing and limiting their crawl budget; this means that when sites are landing backlinks, they are not being seen and subsequently do not add value.

This tool is fast and reliable, but it is also the most expensive service we found when running tests on the top indexing tools.

If it’s value you’re looking for, then we’re afraid to say this isn’t your best choice. It’s not all bad news, we have found a couple of services worth your time, read on for more.

How Does IndexMeNow Work?

There’s a simple process to submitting your URLs to IndexMeNow: you add them to your project, send them for indexing, and then wait.

Here’s how works in three clicks:

  1. Add your URL to your unlimited projects
  2. Send for indexing
  3. Every hour, your URL is checked

What’s more, if your link is not indexed within 10 days, you will receive your money back as credit.

Key Features of IndexMeNow

Let’s delve into the features of IndexMeNow’s service, including their pricing, successful indexation rate and other reporting:

High Success Rate

Their website reports a high initial indexing success rate, with 60% of URLs typically indexed within the first 24 hours, and incremental increases leading to an average of 80% indexed within three days.

It’s an impressive indexation rate, but with that said, it’s one that we’d expect when looking over the pricing plans, but more on that shortly.

Re-Credit Policy

Unique to IndexMeNow, if a URL fails to be indexed within 10 days, users receive a full credit refund, making it a financially secure option for SEO professionals.

This is a reassuring promise that confirms that they are offering a speedy and reliable service, but again, you come to expect that when looking over the cost.

Detailed Reporting

Users receive detailed reports and analytics on their projects, including the status of indexed and non-indexed URLs. This transparency helps in refining SEO strategies and understanding indexing dynamics.

Why Use IndexMeNow?

SEO professionals and website owners are utilising indexing tools to help them speed up and streamline their processes for backlink campaigns and social signals.

Here are some of the reasons that many customers are choosing IndexMeNow over other options:

  • Set up unlimited projects, with them taking just minutes to create
  • There’s a built-in indexing checker at no extra cost
  • A high indexation rate of 80% is among the industry’s best
  • URLs not indexed in 10 days are credited back

Are the Expensive Pricing Plans Worth It?

IndexMeNow is the most expensive indexing tool on the market, charging up to £999 per month for their subscriptions.

The price point is what lets this service down, especially considering better performance can be found on value indexers such as Giga Indexer.

Here are the price plans for IndexMeNow:

  • Starter: $59
  • Premium: $199
  • Agency: $399
  • Guru: $999

The bigger the package, the more links you can crawl. The cheapest plan only allows for 60 links to be crawled, whereas the top-tier option allows for 2,000 credits.

Subscribing to the indexing plans locks you into a monthly payment but the plus is that the credits do not expire and will carry-over.

Comparative Analysis: IndexMeNow Vs Other Indexers

There’s an emergence of indexing tools in the market but how does IndexMeNow compare to the leading services, let’s take a look:

IndexMeNow vs. Google Indexing

Web owners can request indexing via Google Search Console, but this only applies to websites that you own or have permission to visit. Whereas IndexMeNow can help you speed up the indexing of your backlinks, whether on niche edits, guest posts or other types of link profiles.

While Google naturally indexes URLs over time, IndexMeNow accelerates this process significantly, proving indispensable for SEO campaigns that rely on timely indexing for visibility and ranking improvements.

IndexMeNow vs. Indexceptional

Indexceptional puts IndexMeNow to shame – showing how much can be offered at great value, it really is a no contest.

IndexMeNow trails behind the industry leader, Indexceptional. Indexceptional outscored IndexMeNow across all five of our tests, beating it on indexation rates and speed of delivery, all at better value.

There’s no doubt that IndexMeNow is a competent tool, but when considering the price, you’ll get more bang for your buck using Indexceptional, which was recently voted as the number one indexing tool for SEOs.

IndexMeNow vs. Giga Indexer

GigaIndexer offers better value than IndexMeNow, beating them for ease of use and, most of all, price point.

Streamlining your backlink indexing affords you more time to invest in other tasks on your to-do list, but it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg—that’s why Giga stands out as a better choice than IndexmeNow.

Find great value and an indexation rate over 80% at GigaIndexer’s tool – use our full guide for everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know is available on our complete guide on

User Experience and Feedback

Many users have confirmed that IndexMeNow delivers on their indexation rates, although slightly slower than expected.

We prefer companies with better value that don’t lock you into expensive price plans.

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