LinkIndexing Review

In the expansive world of digital marketing, the visibility of your backlinks often dictates the success of your SEO efforts.

Thus, you need to be sure that Google is seeing that they exist; that’s where indexing tools come into play.

In this Link Indexing review – we take a look at their brand and what they have to offer. During our tests, we were impressed, but they still find themselves #15th on our list of the best indexing tools.

You’ll be surprised by not only the advantages of solid indexing tool but also some of the top-tier choices we uncovered during our extensive testing.

Key Details

  • Made it 15th in our full SEO indexing tool review
  • Three payment plan choices
  • Multi-layered approach to indexation
  • Is not in the same realm as tools like Indexceptional (no.1)

What is LinkIndexing? is a specialised service aimed at enhancing the visibility and efficacy of backlinks through strategic indexing.

Backlinks are a powerful aspect of SEO, but recent updates mean that often these links are not seen or indexed by Google. That’s where indexing tools such as LinkIndexing step in and through their techniques ensure that your link creation efforts have not been wasted.

Using their methods, Link Indexing get your backlinks or other URLs seen and indexed by Google or Bing, amplifying your search rankings.

Link Indexing boasts safe tactics when getting your links indexed, but are they as safe as they claim?

But how did they compare to the top players in the industry? We compared LinkIndexing to the number one SEO tool, find out how it fared below.

How Does LinkIndexing Work?

Link Indexing claim a safe method using web 2.0, pinging and submitting your links to search engines. Let’s take a look and see if it’s as secure as we’ve been told.

Here’s how gets your backlinks crawled with a multi-layered process:

  • Submission: They submit your URLs to Google or Bing and ensure that they receive a HTTP 200 response.
  • Processing: LinkIndexing then assesses each link, categorising and prioritising them based on relevance and potential SEO impact.
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks: Link Indexing uses a unique method by sending more links to your backlink; they do this using web 2.0, adding extra juice to your linking process.
  • Pinging: Your URL will be “pinged” which is a process that allows online services to make your link noticeable and increase the chances of it being crawled.
  • Site Map: As well as all of the above, they also ensure simple yet effective techniques such as submitting the site map, using social media and using various indexing tools.

It’s great to see the indexing tool approaching their techniques in the open, but we believe their are safer options for indexing with premium tools showcasing not only power but more secure methods too, more on that shortly.

Key Features of LinkIndexing

Link Indexing have a package that offers an easy-to-use interface, support and different pricing plans. After running links through their software in our tests, here’s what they offer and also how we believe performed:

  • Variety of Payment Methods: An advantage of using Link Indexing is their diverse payment methods including cryptocurrency.
  • Thorough Indexing Strategy: As outlined above, their team have an extensive tactic to ensure that all of your links are given a good chance of being indexed – this includes a multi-step strategy.
  • Support Included: Known for offering good support, they have FAQs, documentation help and a contact page.
  • Three Payment Structures: You have three different payment plans to pick from, allowing you to select the most-suited option.

The most impressive element of LinkIndexing is their range of steps to ensure that your links are picked up by Google – but there are much better options out there with premium tools such as Indexceptional and GigaIndexer.

Link Indexing Pricing offer three plans – a premium, business and starter. Here are LinkIndexing’s three plans and what they offer:

  • Premium Plan: $120 – 10,000 links equates to $0.012 per link
  • Business Plan: $50 – 3,000 links equates to $0.016 per link
  • Starter Plan: $30 – 1,000 links equates $0.03 per link

All three subscriptions renew once a month, have no credit expiry date and have drip feed and API tools. Above you can find the price, your monthly link allowance and how the calculated cost per link

How Does Link Indexing Compare to Other Tools?

Link Indexing ranks 15th in our list of the best search engine indexers. Despite being a powerful indexer LinkIndexing cannot compare to some of the top players.

LinkIndexing vs Indexceptional

Link Indexing concedes to Indexceptional’s premium tool and unbeaten strategy – offering faster and more reliable results than

It’s hard to draw comparisons between the two indexing tools with Indexceptional beating LinkIndexing in all five of our tests. Indexceptional outscored them on attracting the first Google crawl, full indexing, customer support, pricing and more.

Indexceptional have so much confidence in their service they are one of few companies to offer a 100% refund policy.

Find out why Indexceptional were voted as #1 in the best search engine indexing tools in our full Indexceptional guide.

LinkIndexing vs GigaIndexer

LinkIndexing cannot compare to the lightning-fast speeds capable at GigaIndexer who are not only known for their efficacy of 80% plus but they also get 80% of URLs indexed within 72 hours.

GigaIndexer is second on our top 10 indexing list – with a powerful tool that exhibits both speed and effectiveness.

We ran them side-by-side and whereas Giga had our URLs crawled within 72 hours, it took a week for LinkIndexing to get our URLs crawled. Both display an effective method and a similar price point, but Giga is a clear winner in our comparison.

Find more about GigaIndexer in our complete guide.

Link Indexing vs Google Search Console

Google’s native crawling software can be used by website owners or those with permission but it cannot be used for your backlinks. That’s why many SEO professional are flocking towards index tools such as LinkIndexing.

LinkIndexing is fast, efficient and do their utmost to get your links crawled. Google Search Console isn’t the same as it only allows you to request indexing on your websites.


Is LinkIndexing the Best Indexer?

No, LinkIndexing was voted 15th and is a world apart from the likes of top indexers such as Indexceptional or GigaIndexer.