SEO Backlink Audit – HLR LOOKUP

Are you looking to improve your website’s backlink profile? Struggling to rank for keywords that your competitors are dominating?

It’s a common problem we see time and time again with businesses who want to boost their site traffic with high-value keywords.

Fatrank has carried out an SEO Backlink Audit for the HLR Lookup website. This is a company that specialises in data cleansing.

As part of the toxic link removal, we check the full link profile of external links pointing to their webpage they are struggling to rank with.

Video Backlink Audit

Dan has put this audit together and provided some inside information as to why your site may not be positioned how you would like for your target keyword.

0:00 – Hi guys, it’s Dan here. And today I’m just going to be creating the quick-link audit video for this website

0:06 – As you can see they are database sites and them kind of offer services such as SMS data, validating numbers, a clean data list, all that kind of stuff. And essentially what we’ve done is we’ve taken a look at their website, had a look at some keywords that are relevant to the services they offer, that they’re currently not ranking for, and just kind of found ways that possibly they could weave in a few SEO techniques to essentially start ranking for that key phrase.

Video Backlink Audit

0:27 – So the big one that we found, we head over to AHREFS here, is this key phrase ‘data cleansing’ as you can see up there. Now data cleansing gets 800 searches per month as you can see and it’s quite a low keyword difficulty. So this may be a really good key phrase for this company to go for and to start ranking for. So I’m just going to go through a few problems with the current setup of the website as to why we feel that they’re not ranking for this key phrase.

0:51 – Initially you’ll notice on the site itself there are no inner pages that are actually about that key phrase data cleansing. You can look up here and there’s nothing mentioned, the phrase data cleansing or about that kind of thing. You’ve got clean data lists here but that doesn’t click through to any page. And if I just go onto Google here and have a look here with this search string that says”data cleansing”, that’s going to pull in all of the pages essentially from this website that is mentioning data cleansing or about data cleansing. And as you can see from the results there, if I just highlight this bit, there are actually no results from that website that are about that key phrase.

Video Audit: Content Relevancy

1:29 – So our first bit of advice for that really would just be for this website to basically create a page or create some documents on their page that are discussing data cleansing, discussing that key phrase and actually trying to rank for it initially. And then kind of moving onto the off-page stuff which I’ll go through now.

1:44 – So our first bit of advice really is to create that page, try and rank for that key phrase and just try and push it into maybe that top 100 brackets in Google and get that initial step done really.

1:54 – Past that if I go back to AHREFS here, as you can see I’ve just shown you this, this is the number of searches it gets per month, keyword difficulty, etc. But if I scroll down a bit it will actually show me the top ten Google rankings for this key phrase which is data cleansing.

Video Audit: Content Relevancy

2:07 – And as you can see ranking number one there is a featured snippet from Wikipedia, so it’s just sat there. And then obviously number two are the four related questions. So this is one of them, search results where Google feels it’s relevance bring in a snippet in the questions. They’re going to be sat in there and probably move around within the search string just naturally as it goes on.

2:26 – But in terms of what’s ranking organically down here, as you can see you do have Wikipedia again there at number four. But number three you’ve got experience with “What is Data Cleansing?” It’s literally an article about data cleansing and they’re trying to rank for that. Then there are other companies here, Data Cleansing Services there, which is similar to what these guys are probably offering, etc. So a lot of your kind of competitors are within that top ten list if you will.

Video Audit: Relevant Links

2:50 – The key thing that I’ve noticed with these that’s kind of obviously going to be probably pushing HLR Lookup site off of the top ten, is that even though they actually have this page that’s trying to rank for, which those guys currently don’t, they also have these over here, these backlinks and referring domains going to these inner pages. So for example if I pull in that one I just showed you which is this Data8, you can see that if I hover over the backlinks tab, it’s got 39 backlinks and they’re from 12 different domains.

Essentially 12 different domains are linking off to this inner page here which is about data cleansing. So that’s going to really help their rankings quite significantly for this key phrase and that’s why they’re sat in that nice position at number five, and probably could start pushing upwards if they started to build a few more.

Video Audit: Relevant Links

3:35 – So the key really with that is obviously to create your page about data cleansing, create that kind of document frequency about that key phrase, and then build some backlinks through that actual inner page that you’ve built. Build some backlinks so you’re competing with your competitors. You have all of these referring domains going through to their inner pages too. And to get that one step above your competitors whilst you’re building those backlinks, it’s to really make sure that the backlinks that you’re building are relevant to the key phrase that you’re looking for.

4:02 – So obviously with data cleansing, you can have things about kind of lists, Excel documents, all that kind of stuff. Things that are about data cleansing. To be honest, I don’t know too much about the industry, you guys probably know a lot more than me, but just using your logic about things that are relevant to the industry of data cleansing. Because what a lot of people do is they look at this and they see, “Oh, my competitors have 12 referring domains going into their page. I’m going to build a few more.” They do that and then the links that they end up building just aren’t relevant, they’re just not kind of about the topic that you’re trying to rank for, about the keyword that you’re trying to rank for.

Video Audit: No Relevant Links

4:36 – Whereas for this data cleansing one that if you were to build really niche relevant links and kind of match your competitors or go slightly above your competitors in terms of the backlinks and referring domains that they have to their site, then you will see an advantage. You will see an advantage over your competitors because you will have that advantage in the industry. In that market, you will be the more relevant site in Google’s eyes then if you will.

Video Audit: Link Advice 

4:55 – So I’d say that’s my main three pieces of advice for this key phrase, is obviously going into the website first, creating that page about data cleansing, get the document frequency going about the key phrase so that Google sees that you’re an authority in the niche. And then to back that up further build those backlinks, make sure they’re niche relevant, and kind of have a look at how your competitors are doing with their number of backlinks and referring domains. And just one-up them with that in terms of relevancy and numbers essentially is what I would advise.

5:20 – So yeah, thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you later.

Backlink Audit Results

It is important to put a quality backlink strategy for this site to improve in google rankings.

This site has two main link problems that we could find, which are most likely holding back the site from achieving high rankings in Google. These include:

By resolving these issues, it is possible to quickly climb up googles ladder.

How To Improve Your Backlink Profile

For this particular website, we would recommend the following:

  1. Niche relevant guest posts from High Rise Links
  2. Buy 3-4 Wikipedia Links to build relevance and trust from Wiki Wookiee
  3. Purchase the right type of social blasts
  4. Purchasing some high-quality backlinks to pass authority and link diversity to your profile
  5. Diversify link profile adding blog comments, directories, PBN and some niche edits backlinks

Once the backlinks have been ordered and put in place, please leave this a few weeks before assessing progress. New links can often cause a site to fluctuate in positions due to the random ranking factor.

For more information on this, please comment with your name and email address below and we will be in contact to discuss this directly.

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Don’t Do Anything

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Last Thoughts

So there you have it. There are a few routes you could go down when it comes to building a backlink profile for your website and generating more traffic and more money.

If you’re ready to make an investment and get some big returns, now is the best time to do it.

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