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As a Birmingham SEO link building agency, we have worked with many companies in the city and surrounding area to help them grow their online presence. We are now living in the digital age which means SEO and link building should be a key part of the marketing strategy for any business.

Birmingham is a large city in the West Midlands region of England and lots of companies are based here.

The benefit of building links and carrying out Search Engine Optimisation is that it can help you reach a wider audience through various online platforms, the main one being Google search results.

Online Backlink Specialists

We are experienced specialists when it comes to building backlinks for websites. It’s all about getting links from relevant sites to yours, to show Google that your site is trustworthy and offers what potential customers are looking for.

These days it can be difficult to keep up with what kind of SEO is needed to give your company’s website a boost. The strategies are changing all the time but we keep up with the latest updates to give you the best possible service and results.

Birmingham SEO Services Video

Watch the video below to understand more about how we can help your business thrive in the digital world:

00:00 Hi, guys. It’s Dan here, from FatRank. On this video today, we’ll be showing you why we feel we’re the right business to go to in Birmingham for your SEO and digital marketing needs. For most businesses throughout the West Midlands, marketing your product online and ranking your key phrases in Google, has never been harder. With more, and more, factors coming into play for SEO, many are now looking to outsource this work to a team of local professionals.

00:22 Here, at FatRank, we are Birmingham’s specialists in this field, with an array of knowledge in various niches that work around this area. We have the ability to take your firm to the next level online. Helping to secure more leads and transform your company’s profits over time. We say, “Over time,” because this work just does not happen overnight. Our approach is to quickly analyse your website, as it stands, providing you with a clear plan of how can, and will, improve your SEO.

00:48 This can be many things from different link building techniques to improving the actual website, itself, and even optimising your click-through rate. The possibilities really are endless. We can guarantee we will look at the best possible options for you.

01:01 We’re sure you’re aware of just how competitive an area of Birmingham is in relation to digital marketing. This could sometimes lead clients feeling like there’s no hope, really, with competing with the big fish in your niche. But, for us, there’s no job too big or too small for us to work on.

01:15 Some examples of various keywords that we actually currently rank for include: best SEO and marketing services in Birmingham, West Midlands link building and content provider, need help with my search engine optimisation Birmingham, agency for Google digital marketing Birmingham, West Midlands freelance SEO agency, and plenty more. Just let us know if you found our company through any of these phrases.

01:38 There you have it. For any search engine optimisation work in the Birmingham area or surrounding areas, we firmly feel as though the work we can deliver will leave you more than satisfied. If there’s anything more you’d like to know, and want to chat through some of this with us, please find our site in the description of this video. Thank you guys for checking it out, and we can’t wait to start working with you.

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