Co-Occurrence SEO

In recent years the buzz keyword in SEO has been correlation and the surfer SEO team have taken that onto another level.

Rest assured in June 2024 then Co-Occurrence SEO is the new buzz keyword being shared in digital marketing communities.

What is Co-Occurrence SEO?

Co-Occurrence SEO is the fact of two or more things occurring together or simultaneously when improving your website.

The reason Co-Occurrence SEO is so important in 2024 is because Google has done a great job at diminishing ranking factors if there are no co-factors in place.

Why is Co-Occurrence Important for SEO?

Google has done an awesome job at getting SEOs to guess how their algorithms work.

They want them complex so companies spend money on AdWords which is their whole business model.

You Are Guilty Until You Prove Yourself Innocent – The Co-Occurrence is What Proves Your Innocence

Treat every piece of work you do as zero value until you give enough reason for this to pass full power.

Examples of Successful Co-Occurrence SEO

Here are examples of successful co-occurrence SEO techniques:

Building guest posts to your website AND getting tier two links to your guest posts

So many people now understand the importance of backlinks in the Google Algorithm.

But backlinks need two parts to make them move the needle which is super relevance and authority.

Relevance is making sure you get your focus keywords in guest posts and the best way of getting authority is powring up the guest posts with tier twos.

Building guest posts to your website AND receiving social signals to your guest posts

Getting a guest post to your money site that is relevant is not the holy grail anymore, you need more.

Engagement from social media triggers a switch in the algorithm to stop the zero value being passed.

Building guest posts to your website AND making sure you get internal links to your guest post article

I have heard this time and time again from outreach companies – but James it is hard to get internal links placed.

Without the internal links added the click depth on those articles is shocking and anyone who knows technical SEO understands the importance of click depth.

So negotiate harder and get internal links pointing to your guest posts or good chance your high DR guest post will be zero value.

Online Entrepreneurs Thoughts

I want to gather some online entrepreneurs thoughts on this because networking in SEO is so important to share testing results.

Kyle Roof

There is no better place to start for opinions on SEO Testing results than the legend himself Kyle Roof.

Kyle has transformed the industry from GuesSEO information shared to real facts and testing.

If you have not already then you need to check out Kyle Roofs Bio and join his Internet Marketing Gold group.

“Well we can test co-occurrence with seeing which factors seem to pair. We can start to identify these two are linked. They always ping together. And so, what we can do is then isolate those. We can start with one and then add the other. So, in that test environment they all get factor A and then say the number five result gets factor B as well. And then we see if we get the movement up and play with co-factors within a single variable model. Cause how you eliminate the situation is that all of the test pages have that first variable. And then maybe it needs to go the other way. So, you can run it the other way and see the results. You then need to run another test basically that confirms it in reverse. It’s a pretty exciting idea and would explain a lot of things. And then maybe that you were missing that one trigger, if you will for that particular niche.”

Kyle Roof famous for his quote “Break Free From The Shackles Of GuesSEO” always want to test the myths and see results from running single variable testing.

Ted Kubaitis

Another huge player in the SEO communities is Ted Kubaitis who owns the software CORA.

He recently was asked on a podcast his opinions for SEO in 2024 and said:

“There’s this kind of cofactor thing, where essentially for a factor to take effect, you need another one to also be validated”

Now Ted has the tool of the largest correlation ranking factors online so his data is second to none.


So many times we hear SEO myths or SEO ranking factors that we test and get zero results from.

But is it that you are so close to mastering amazing traffic boners but you just do not know the switch or triggers to maximise all your hard work.

I find it amazing just how many digital marketers do not understand the importance of Co-Occurrence SEO and are sat on gold mines without knowing it.

I hear story after story of the top 2% of SEOs purchasing digital assets and within months quadrupling traffic and profits from very little work (but understanding those cofactors websites are missing to make them ping).

If you are really struggling with a large site and feel you have the best backlinks in your niche and most comprehensive content strategy drop me a message and I will assist you (but if you are lacking content or links please do not waste my time asking for help until you feel that is the case).

Keep hustling, taking action and looking to improve your knowledge chaps!!

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